title Open Governance Permanent Parl... 13 May 2016

Parliament of Georgia endorsed the OGP Joint Declaration on “Open Government...

title News 14 Dec 2015

The Coordination meeting of the Inter-Faction Group and Open Parliament Working...

title News 28 Oct 2015

The Georgian Parliament to participate in the Open Government Partnership...

title News 27 Oct 2015

The Parliamentary Inter-Faction Group gained the OGP Champions Award

title News 15 Sep 2015

The meeting of the OGP LOWG Conference participants with the students

title News 15 Sep 2015

The OGP LOWG International Conference accomplished

title News 15 Sep 2015

Development of an effective Action Plan in the process of openness

title News 15 Sep 2015

Considering future opportunities of involvement and the legislative components...

title News 15 Sep 2015

Building the Legislative Openness Tools with Civil Society

title News 15 Sep 2015

The new and innovative technologies were introduced to the participants of the...