title Bureau 14 Sep 2020

The sitting of the Bureau

title Environmental Protection and N... 14 Sep 2020

Nino Tsilosani: the bill on Environmental Responsibility establishes the brand...

title Diaspora and Caucasus Issues C... 14 Sep 2020

The sitting of the Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee

title Education, Science and Culture... 14 Sep 2020

MPs discussing the Report of the Public Broadcaster for 2019

title Agrarian Issues Committee 14 Sep 2020

The sitting of the Agrarian Issues Committee

title Chairman 14 Sep 2020

Archil Talakvadze introducing the changes to the Organic Law on the Courts to...

title Legal Issues Committee 14 Sep 2020

The damage to the environment to be subject under the regulation according to...

title Defence and Security Committee 14 Sep 2020

The Positive Assessment of the Defense and Security Committee to the Report on...

title Budget and Finance Committee 10 Sep 2020

Sitting of Budget and Finance Committee

title Deputy Chairman of Parliament ... 10 Sep 2020

Meeting of Kakhaber Kutchava with UK Ambassador to Georgia, Mark Clayton