One of the priorities of the 9th Term Parliament is to build the inclusive society

27 Dec 2017
One of the priorities of the 9th Term Parliament is to build the inclusive society

The Parliament, initiated and organized by the interns, hosted the fair exhibition of the items crafted by the persons with disabilities and with special educational needs.

The Chair of the Education, Science and Culture Committee, Mariam Jashi addressed the attendees and thanked the interns and Staff for organization of the event and the social enterprises and day centers for provision of the crafts. 

She underlined that one of the priorities of the 9th Term is to build the inclusive society. In this view, the significant legislative changes will be developed. “I would like to thank you for the opportunity to once again underline the priority of the 9th Term Parliament envisaging inclusive society building. At the spring session we will develop the legislative package and our Committee is getting ready for adoption of the respective initiatives to facilitate to inclusive education. It concerns pre-school and general, vocational and higher educational systems to allow each child and student having the opportunity to independently study, create and self-realize. We also plan the long-term run inclusiveness in culture sphere”, - she stated.

MPs unanimously agree to do their best to create inclusive and equal opportunities.

MP, Rati Ionatamashvili addressed the attendees stating that the Parliament is always ready to support interesting ideas. “We shall remember to be at maximal extent close to each other, to know each other’s potential, capacity, needs, to understand the problems we encounter because we are the members of one society, one country and we have similarities, as well as differences. I believe that such events will facilitate to our unity”.

The Secretary General, Nikoloz Natenadze thanked the interns and participants of the event. “This year, events in the Parliament are more joyous and interesting. This trend is accompanied with extraordinary initiatives and in this case – the initiative of our interns. I would like to thank you for your involvement and activity and express my respect to all the participants honoring us with their visit and their works. I express full support on behalf of the Parliament”.

The attendees had the opportunity to see the works by the social and day centers “Step-by-Step”, “Babale”, Gene”, Aisi”, “Kodala”, “Mercy”, Welfare and Development Center” and “Child, Family and Society”. The “Relic” musical band provided the performance.