The monument to Oliver and Marjory Wardrops opened near the Parliament

18 Oct 2015
The monument to Oliver and Marjory Wardrops opened near the Parliament

The monument to Oliver and Marjory Wardrops was open in the Square of the English diplomat, translator and traveler, Sir Oliver Wardrop, authored by Jumber Jikia.

The opening was attended by the Speaker, David Usupashvili and MPs, as well as the Mayor of Tbilisi, David Narmania, the Chair of Tbilisi City Council, Giorgi Alibegashvili and the British Ambassador to Georgia, Alexandra Hall Hall. They addressed the attendees. The ceremony was mastered by Pridon Sakvarelidze.

The Speaker congratulated the attendees with Tbilisi Day and thanked everyone contributing merit to opening of the monument. “The monument, that we opened today, means much more than merit of two specific persons to Georgia. It is demonstration of the most positive, cooperative and warm relations between the two countries, two nations, so I would like to once more, after a century, thank Mrs. and Mr. Wardrops, who managed to connect our countries forever with their merit”

According to him, the monument inspires the visitors. “I would like to thank Mr. Jikia. I saw his work for the first time and would like to say that I am captured with impressions as when I look at the monument, it brings me to the centuries back. It gives absolutely different attitude and feeling. It says so much, it says Britain in Georgia, it is approximately what I see in this sculpture. With this square and this monument, the Capital obtained one more very interesting, wonderful and warm place to stop not only for the tourists but for our citizens as well and when we stop here, we are swept back to the past for a couple of seconds to review our common future along with our common European family”.

He thanked P. Sakvarelidze for his activity. “It is not important that their icon will not only be in our hearts but will be in front of our eyes as the sign, as the symbol of national memory, as the symbol of national gratitude not only to these wonderful people but to all the foreigners, striving for welfare of Georgia with their swords or pens”, - P. Sakvarelidze stated.

The British Ambassador, Alexandra Hall Hall thanked the Speaker, the City Hall and City Council for this “fantastic” sculpture.

 The Speaker made the comment. “We, the Georgian Parliament, along with the City Hall and City Council, opened the Square of Oliver and Marjory Wardrops last year and stated that we had an idea of the monument of these figures. I am glad that today we attend the opening ceremony of this monument. The City Hall and City Council contributed a lot for it and I think we obtained a very interesting monument. This square will gain new life. Due to these two persons, we will forever remember that Georgia always had friends, had supporters and these people facilitated to introduction of our culture abroad. And today, our relations with the Great Britain are considered as the model. Just recently I visited the Great Britain and it is symbolic that our modern life follows the path outlined by these two great people, along with Georgian diplomats and along with Ilia Chavchavadze first of all. I am sure that it will be a beautiful place to stop for a couple of seconds and remember our past, which will help us define our correct future”.

The event was co-organized by the Parliament and City Hall within “Tbilisoba 2015”.