The Statement by the Chair of the Defense and Security Committee

04 Jan 2018

The international terrorism constitutes the global threat and one of the primary functions of the state is to directly combat any expression thereof. I would like to unequivocally state that the State Security Service of Georgia, successfully undertaking the fight on the front line for the last months, enjoys full political support of our team.

Everyone shall well understand that when dealing with such challenges, our law-enforcement agencies act within the strictly prescribed authorities under the law based on the international anti-terrorist experience and respective standards.

Similar applied to the situation when the law-enforcement agencies strived to seize the members of the terrorist group alive dislocated on the Elder Gabriel Street during the special operation, where unfortunately we had one policeman down and four injured, and to the situation when the law-enforcement agencies detained the persons related to this group in Tbilisi and Akhmeta region.

Today, the SSS has disclosed the evidences confirming the doubts that these persons with high probability and on various degrees were involved in terrorist activity, and evidencing the scale of the threat the country managed to escape as a result of the special operations by our Security Service.

Unfortunately, Temirlan Machalikashvili is gravely injured and the doctors strive their best to save his life. The related questions by the society shall be answered by the investigation commenced by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Unfortunately, some political parties and associate media unanimously speculate with the sensitive issues and deriving from their certain political interests, attack the security services, which in its turn damages effective provision of security for the citizens.

Though, despite these political attacks, we remain the watchdogs of the state security and jointly with our allies continue anti-terrorist activity. At the same time, we remain loyal to high standards of human rights protection. The society is entitled to ask the questions and the Government shall maximally ensure peace of the citizens and stability of the country.