The joint sitting of the Defense and Security, Foreign Relations, European Integration and Budget and Finance Committees

15 May 2014

 The implementation agreement of March 1, 2014 “Release of Skra Subterranean Storage from EOD and EOD capacity Development between Georgia and NSPO” envisages release of Skra subterranean storage from EOD. The agreement provides extra trainings for Georgian Military Engineering Brigade EOD Troop. The leading states are Czech Republic and Lithuania. As Vepkhia Grigalashvili stated, the document is a step forward to Georgia-NATO relations. The Committees supported the draft. The Budget and Finance and Foreign Committees considered with the II reading the draft by Nodar Ebanoidze on Budget Code with indication to special transfer description to AR budget. The Foreign Committee considered the drafts on Rule of Registration of Georgian Citizens and Foreign Citizens residing in Georgia, Issue of ID (Residence) Cards and Passports, on Consular Activity, on Civil Acts. As Alexander Baramidze stated, the drafts specify the procedures concerning issue of ID and passports to Georgian citizens by the diplomatic representations and consular departments of Georgia abroad. The Committee supported the draft.