The Plenary Sitting of the Parliament

28 Oct 2010

On November 12, the ceremonial reception will be held at the Parliament of Georgia regarding the 20-th anniversary of restoration of parliamentarism. David Bakradze stated the following in his commentary regarding the multi-party elections held on 28 October 1990. "October 28 is a significant date for Georgian parliamentarism. 20 years ago, after 70 years of annexation and the communist regime, the multi-party elections were held, which became the precondition for declaration of independence of Georgia afterwards. "Those elections stand for the restoration of the tradition of parliamentarism, which was practiced during the First Republic”,- the Chairman of the Parliament noted.  

The Draft Law "Freedom Charter”, submitted as the legislative initiative of Giorgi Tortladze, the MP, was considered at the sitting with the first reading and was adopted with 75 votes in favour and one against.

The "Freedom Charter” envisages introduction of restrictions in holding official positions for the employees of the USSR special services, members of the Communist Party and the high-ranking officials of COMSOMOL, protection of the strategic premises, special monitoring of so-called conditional border, monitoring of cargos and financial transactions of big volume and banning Soviet symbols in Georgia. According to the initiator of the legislative initiative, the Draft Law does not envisage holding of the elective position for the employees of the USSR special services, members of the Communist Party and the high-ranking officials of COMSOMOL. However, in this situation the society will be informed regarding their past activity. Giorgi Tortladze also noted that the "Freedom Charter” does not envisage interception, checking of the electronic correspondence and unintended search. 

The Draft Law envisages establishment of State Commission with the purpose of increasing defensive capabilities of Georgia and prevention of espionage, which will be comprised by one representative per faction.

The administrative fine of 50 GEL will be imposed for throwing garbage out of cabin of the vehicles. The Draft Law "On Introduction of the Changes and Amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences of Georgia” was adopted with the second reading, with 80 votes for, unanimously. In the initiative submitted by the Government of Georgia a 200 GEL fine was determined for the following administrative offence, however, the Government of Georgia, however, the Government considered the appeal of the parliamentary majority and minority expressed at previous sitting regarding decrease of the fine. According to the Draft, the pedestrian citizens, who will pollute the roads with the household garbage, will be also fined with 50 GEL. The following amendment to the draft was introduced by the initiative of Pavle Kublashvili, the Chairman of the Committee on Legal Issues.

The MPs adopted the Draft Law "On Legal Status of Aliens” submitted as the legislative initiative of the President of Georgia, unanimously with 83 votes.

According to the Draft Law, it will become possible to identify additionally the cases of visa-free entrance on the territory of Georgia (which is not considered by the acting edition) and to extend the legal stay in Georgia on the basis of the normative act of the President of Georgia or the Government of Georgia.

The acting law identifies the list of those cases when the citizens of the foreign countries will be entitled to enter Georgia without visas. The cases of visa-free movement are also defined by the international treaties concluded between Georgia and the states concerned. The legislative initiative of the President of Georgia identifies the list of the state bodies which will additionally define the conditions for entering Georgia without visas.

The sitting adopted the Draft Law "n introduction of the Changes to Code of Administrative Offences of Georgia with 78 votes in favour and one vote against. According to the Draft Law, non-use of seat belts by the driver or the passenger sitting next to him/her will cause imposition of the administrative fine of 40 GEL.

The MPs adopted the Draft Law "On Introduction of the Changes and Amendments to law of Georgia "On Tbilisi-Capital of Georgia”. According to the Draft, cutting of the trees on the territory of Tbilisi city without permit will be banned as well as damaging, obliteration and eradication thereof. The rules of caring, regeneration and cutting of the green plants will be established by Tbilisi Government.

The plenary sitting considered the reports on undertaken activities by the Committee on Security and Defence and the Committee on Foreign Relations during Autumn 2009 and Spring 2010 sessions.

At today’s sitting the MPs considered the report of the Interim Commission on the Issues of Decease of the First President of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia. The MPs extended the responsibilities to the Interim Commission unanimously with 76 votes for 3 months.