The Plenary Sitting of the Parliament to of Georgia

10 Dec 2010

The parliament granted approval eight Ambassadors at the today’s plenary sitting. Konstantine Kavtaradze will hold the office of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to the Kingdom of Sweden, Nikoloz Nikolozishvili – to the Republic of Poland, Alexandre Nalbandov – to Republic of Slovakia, Giorgi Gorgiladze to the Republic of Portugal, Teimuraz Sharashenidze- to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Archil Dzuliashvili- to the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Permanent Representative of Georgia to the Council of Europe will be Mamuka Zhghenti. The members of the legislative body thanked them for the undertaken work and wished them success in their future activity.

"All of the represented candidacies belong to the category of the professional diplomats who throughout the years have been working in this system. Georgia possesses the corps of the professional diplomats and the use of their resources occurs in accordance wit the national interests of the country”,- David Bakradze, the Chairman of the Parliament stated during consideration of the candidacies to the office of Ambassadors.

The title of the Committee on Relations with Compatriots Residing Abroad will be changed and it will be named as "Committee on Diaspora and Caucasus Issues” that was endorsed with the first reading at today’s plenary sitting.

Since 1 January 2011 the persons having committed relatively light offences will be given the possibility of video visitations. At today’s sitting the MPs with the second reading considered the changes to the Prison Code which regulate the issues related to the video visitations. Dimitri Lortkipanidze, the MP expressed the opinion that the draft law encompasses discriminatory approaches "The persons convicted of the exceptionally serious crimes will not be allowed to the video visitations that is a discriminatory approach”,- Dimitri Lortkipanidze stated.

According to Lasha Tordia, the author of the draft, all types of prisoners will be allowed to the video visitations in the future.

The head of the public institution will be entitled to order the medical checking of the public servant at any time. Apart from that the individuals will not be obliged to present the health certificate at the time of employment at public service. The introduction of the corresponding changes is envisaged by the draft law on changes to some legislative acts of Georgia. The package was considered with the first reading today and the certain remarks were expressed which will be considered during the second reading as the initiator stated.

The procedures of obtaining the identification (residence) verification and the passport will be simplified for Georgia citizens residing abroad and the individuals who reached 14 years of age, The corresponding changes are introduced to law of Georgia ""Law of Georgia On Rules of Registration and Identity Verification of Citizens of Georgia and Aliens Residing in Georgia and Issuing Passport of the Citizen of Georgia”. According to the draft law, the registration of a 14-years old individual will be possible in accordance with the residence place on the basis of the individual concerned or its trustee. Apart from that, the citizen of Georgia residing abroad will be entitled to the consular registration online via civil registry agency.

In case of existence of the high national interest, it will be possible to import unregistered medications on the Georgian market according to the consent of Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Protection. As the rule introduction of such medications are used in case of specific diseases and the fee for them is covered by the state. Therefore, there is no need of registration of these drugs from the market. The corresponding change to the law "On Medications and Pharmaceutical Activity” was adopted with the first reading

The change to the law "On Advertising” was adopted at today’s sitting of the Permanent with the third reading. According to the draft law, before 1 January 2015 it will be possible to distribute the commercials of the strong spirit beverages in the streets of the cities and other settlements, on the bridges, squares and the transport as well as via television after 20:00, as well as the alcohol beverages will be advertised in the 100 meters radius from the cultural and sports establishments.

The Parliament approved the ratification of the agreement "Between the Government of Georgia and the Government of Czech Republic on Air Travel”. The agreement was signed in Tbilisi, on November 2010 and it entitles the parties to implementation of the air transportation between Georgia and the Czech Republic, increase of competition, improvement of the service and development of tourism.

The "Freedom Charter”, initiated by Gia Tortladze, the Chairman of the "Powerful Georgia” was considered and adopted at the plenary sitting by the Palriament with the  second reading. The "Freedom Charter” includes the law "On Lustration” and so called "Patriot Act”. The legislative initiative of Gia Tortladze considers the strict control of the maritime, land and air borders, of the strategic objects, financial transactions and banking remittances, registration of the ex-agents of the Former Soviet union , with the purpose of voluntary listing and conduct of the register, establishment of the state commission, the imposition of limitations for the holders of offices at the Central Committee and Lenin Committees of the former Communist Party and other initiatives, according to which Bolshevik symbol should be banned in Georgia.

The debates were held at the Parliament during the consideration of the "Freedom Charter”. According to Jondo Baghaturia, the Leader of ‘Kartuli Dasi” (Georgian Group), it is incomprehensible how it is possible to separate the five-pointed star which will cause liability and which will not. And it is unintelligible which hammer and sickle are convictable and which not.  Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, the MP is for banning the Communist Party in the state. The part of the MPs demanded the expansion of the offices the appointment to which should be banned for the ex-agents of the Soviet Union.

Arrangement of the gambling house at the hotel with no less tan 100 rooms in the village Anaklia will be exempted from the fees on permission for 10 years. The corresponding change to the law of Georgia "On License and Permission Fees”  was considered at the plenary sitting of the parliament and endorsed.

By the initiative of Adjara Autonomous Republic the changes will be introduced to law of Georgia "Lottery, Gambling and Other Profitable Games Holding” with the purpose of removal of the additional barriers for operation in the places of gambling and profitable games and attracting the tourists. The changes were endorsed with the first reading by the Parliament of Georgia according to which the person organizing the gambling and profitable games will be responsible to demand the identity card from the customer if he will have reasonable suspicion that his age does not satisfy the age limit determined under the law

The draft law of Georgia "On Introduction of the Changes and Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Georgia” which is related to the trade with agriculture goods was removed from today’s agenda, David Bakradze, the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia stated that without reflecting the consensus the Parliament will refuse its consideration. The parliamentary majority considers that the draft needs improvement in regard to its content and the inadequate fines proposed therein.

During the next week the Parliament will be working in the regime of the extraordinary session. The sittings will be held on December 15 and 17. On December 17 the fall session of the Parliament of Georgia will be closed.