Irakli Kobakhidze: “The Parliament cherishes the ambitious plans”

26 Dec 2017
Irakli Kobakhidze: “The Parliament cherishes the ambitious plans”

“Preliminary scheduling of the Committee activities, development of proper approaches, formation of the clear action plan and respective activities are very important and thus, intermittent reporting to the society is crucial. The practice established by the Legal Issues Committee shall apply to other units of the Parliament and the Parliament will encourage this process”, - the Speaker stated at the presentation of the annual report of the Legal Issues Committee.

He underlined that intermittent reporting of the Committee is important and in this regards, the Legal Issues Committee is very active.

He thanked the Chair, Eka Beselia for her activity. “It is crystal clear that the Legal Issues Committee plays the key role and the function in the Parliament. All main changes pass through the Legal Issues Committee and in this term, the function and the role of the Committee are dignified. I am glad that the Committee with current composition fulfills this function on high level. I would like to express particular gratitude to Mrs. Eka Beselia for she leads this process and ensures due implementation of the functions by the Committee.

The statistic data is impressive and I also would like to note that the statistic data is based on the certain changes and reforms, ensuring further development of our country and legal system, further development of our administration system and developments in various key directions. Let me reiterate that the role of the Committee is crucial indeed”.

According to the Speaker, the Parliament was characterized with weak legislative and oversight functions for years. He stated that today, the Parliament cherishes the ambitious plans envisaging enhancement of these two functions. “The Parliament cherishes the ambitious plans. The Parliament was always characterized with weakness for years due to the gaps in the legislative and oversight spheres. These are two key functions of the Parliament which were faulty for years – 25 years if being precise, though the Parliament is being developed striving to progress. Much is to be done to further enhance these functions of the Parliament and in this regards, we outlined the ambitious plans. The Parliament needs to be enhanced, the Staff needs to be enhanced and we shall actively cooperate for this purpose”.

He underlined importance of cooperation with executive and Constitutional agencies and emphasized cooperation with the Public Defender. Civil involvement is also very important in Parliamentary activity. “Interrelation of the Parliament and the executive authority and the Constitutional agencies is very important, especially with the Public Defender to ensure due protection of human rights during reforming. Active involvement of civil sector is also important, especially in Legal Issues Committee activity. I am glad that in this regards, the Legal Issues Committee has established a good practice. The Committee has been actively cooperating with executive authorities and civil sector and experts, and this cooperation serves the basis for legislative changes in the Parliament. I reiterate that the role of the Legal Issues Committee is crucial”.

The Speaker thanked the Committee members and the Chair for their activity.