Oliver Wardrop Square opened adjacent to the Parliament

25 Oct 2014
Oliver Wardrop Square opened adjacent to the Parliament

The event was attended by the Speaker, MPs, the Mayor of Tbilisi, the Minister of Culture and Monument Protection, the Minister of Education and Science, the Deputy-Foreign Minister and the Ambassador of Britain to Georgia. They addressed the attendees. Pridon Sakvarelidze was the master of command of the event.

David Usupashvili greeted the Ambassador and congratulated the Tbilisi Day. “I would like to have all days with the spirit of Tbilisoba. I wish all – the Mayor, City Board, Government, Parliament to see all Tbilisi residents enjoy all days. Today we once more commemorate the 150th birthday of British public figure, Oliver Wardrop. We, the residents of the Parliament are glad to have O. Wardrop square near the premise. I would like to thank Tbilisi City Council and City Hall for this decision”.

As the Speaker stated, on the anniversary the monument of O. Wardrop will as well be installed in the square. There is no enlightened citizen in Georgia who has never heard of O. Wardrop. Though, the part of the society considers him as the cultural craftsman translating the Knight in the Panther’s Skin and Sulkhan-Saba craft. “In fact, Oliver was the first commissioner of the Great Britain, e.g. Ambassador to Georgia and South Caucasus in 1919-1920 when Georgia was striving to be democratic and independent. I will not exaggerate if I say that in person of Oliver Georgia had the most devoted friend. Who heard about his letters and works, reports to London, will agree with me that sometimes he was more aware of many issues than Georgians. He tried to support Georgia to be independent and avoid invasion of Bolsheviks”.

He recalled the ceremony of arrival of O. Wardrop in Georgia. “I would like to thank Her Excellence for such a person sent by the Great Britain to Georgia. The GB still tries to maintain the standard and give as merited and dignified figures. O. Wardrop dreamed of many things for Georgia and they will come true!”.

The Ambassador stated that it is her honor to attend the opening of the square. O. Wardrop did his best to approximate Georgia and the GB. “Oliver and Marjory Wardrops truly loved Georgia. If they were alive, they would be very happy seeing how Georgians value them. Their aspiration continues and Britain supports Georgia to be successful, independent and integrated to Europe as it was 100 years ago. I and my successors will do everything to accomplish this mission”.