Parliament Adopts Draft Constitutional Laws with Second Reading

23 Jun 2017
Parliament Adopts Draft Constitutional Laws with Second Reading

The parliament adopted the draft Constitutional Law of Georgia On Amendments to the Constitution of Georgia with 115 votes, and draft Constitutional Law of Georgia on the Autonomous Republic of Adjara with 114 votes with the second reading during the extraordinary session today.

Prior to voting, the Speaker, Irakli Kobakhidze summed up the process of discussion of constitutional draft laws. According to him, the new Constitution of Georgia is based on best European practice and standards.

“Today we are going through the second stage of the historic process – development, adoption and approval of European standards, European-style constitution. We have already mentioned many times that not only is the constitution based on best European practice, but also each norm and provision within the constitution complies with the best European practice. This is our victory, the victory of Georgian Dream, the victory of our team”, – Irakli Kobakhidze stated.

According to him, before the elections Georgian Dream gave a specific promise to Georgian population and the voters. The government is acting in accordance with the promise and the constitutional trust received.

„We are consistently moving towards fully keeping our promise. This was our responsibility. The promise was given before 2012 as well, however, considering the fact that no constitutional majority was in the Parliament and no resources were available for consensus with the oppositional political forces, the constitutional reform could not be completed. Today we are provided with the mandate by our population. Our right as well as our responsibility and duty is to act in accordance with the promise and constitutional trust received”, - Irakli Kobakhidze said.

According to the Speaker, in this process Georgian people are the winners while all the powers oriented to destruction are the losers.

“We are going through a very important, historic process. The winner today is not Georgian Dream but Georgian people, who assigned us the task we are faithfully fulfilling. All the powers oriented towards destruction are losers. We are not aiming at anybody losing, we are aiming at our victory, the victory of our country. The required precondition for the victory of our country is existence of a very elaborate, European-style constitution and this is the constitution we are all getting now”, – The Speaker, Irakli Kobakhidze stated after completion of the discussion of the draft constitutional law.

Irakli Kobakhidze thanked everybody for unanimity and making a very important historic decision.
In accordance with the constitution of Georgia and effective legislation, the Parliament is to discuss the draft constitutional law with the third reading during the fall session.