Statement of Mr David Usupashvili Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia

06 Nov 2015

It is impermissible that the political life of the country be directed in line with the Saakashvili-Khalvashi scenario. It is impermissible to have the democratic institutions dangerously weakened and discredited because of their joint or opposing efforts. It is impermissible to continue dragging courts in a ‘no-rules fight’. It is impermissible, despite to whatever great goals they might serve, that Constitutional or common courts’ judges, secretly (yes, secretly, and not “without open hearing”) make such significant decisions, which could possibly have a decisive effect on the country’s nearest future. It is impermissible that Mr Saakashvili and Mr Khalvashi be given an opportunity to damage the people and the country, while resolving their suspicious relations, deals and shenanigans.

Therefore, today, as never before, the only right (including, politically sound) decision of every single judge or civil servant is the independent decision based solely on law and conscience and nothing else. Today, as never before, the only right act of every politician is to promote necessary conditions, and nothing else, for making such decisions.

D. Usupashvili