The briefing by Irma Inashvili

12 Sep 2019
The briefing by Irma Inashvili

The Deputy Chairperson of Parliament, the Member of the Faction “Patriots of Georgia”, Irma Inashvili echoed the fact that took place at the international conference organized by the McCain Institute in Tbilisi and stated that her visit to the conference was aimed at no provocation.

I went to the conference alone during the break and spoke to one of the organizers of the meeting and inquired whether I could attend this conference, because the previous day’s speech of the MP, Giorgi Bokeria, was entirely devoted to the Alliance of Patriots, slandering us. If it had not been for this, I would not have gone to the conference at all. When they speak about you unilaterally, the organizers are obliged to invite you as a representative of the parliamentary opposition and give you the opportunity to make a report, but there has been no such proposal. I went there as an MP and as a Deputy Chairperson, not as the Alliance of Patriots party with its many thousands of supporters. We had not planned any provocation. There is no sense in keeping talks on this”, - Irma Inashvili noted.

According to her, comments made by US diplomat Matthew Bryza are offensive to her. The Deputy Chairperson of the Parliament addressed the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia to investigate this fact: "I urge the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia to launch an investigation into this allegation and interrogate all those present, extract video footage as evidence of violence against me as a Member of the Parliament". Pursuant to Irma Inashvili, the Alliance of Patriots will hold a protest rally at the US Embassy on September 15.

"The purpose of this rally is to remind our strategic partners not to support the affinities of Saakashvili and Bokeria, that will be our main message to the United States", - Irma Inashvili concluded.