title The Georgian Dream 03 May 2018

Mamuka Mdinaradze: the children of this age manifest the most innovative,...

title Majoritarians 29 Aril 2018

Repeated free medical examinations for Nadzaladevi population

title Human Rights and Civil Integra... 26 Aril 2018

Sofo Kiladze – we shall be united to build our country

title Human Rights and Civil Integra... 23 Aril 2018

The green action in Nadzaladevi initiated by Sofo Kiladze

title Sports and Youth Issues Commit... 31 Mar 2018

Free medical examinations for Nadzaladevi district population initiated by...

title Regional Policy and Self - Gov... 30 Mar 2018

The meeting of Zaza Gabunia with the employees of the social enterprise in the...

title Majoritarians 27 Mar 2018

Beka Odisharia discussing re-socialization of the pensioners with the...

title News 27 Mar 2018

Salome Zurabishvili attending the Presentation of the Book “Beyond the Door”

title Parliamentary Majority 20 Mar 2018

The meeting of Archil Talakvadze with the petty entrepreneurs

title Majoritarians 20 Mar 2018

Kvemo Kartli Single Mandate MPs congratulate the Azerbaijani population with...