The Recommendations by Beka Natsvlishvili to the Government

16 Mar 2020
The Recommendations by Beka Natsvlishvili to the Government

I hail the undertakings by the Government regarding the management of the situation but as we are unaware of the period and duration of the pandemic, we need to develop the average and long-term plans to eliminate the social and economic consequences of coronavirus”, – the Independent MP, Beka Natsvlishvili stated at the briefing today. He issued the recommendations as follows:

  • All costs related to coronavirus treatment from the prevention up to total recovery of the patient shall be covered by the state;
  • The Government shall take effective steps to neutralize the social and economic consequences;
  • The moratorium shall be declared on eviction as the evicted citizens will be exposed to the high risk;
  • All the citizens attributed to the risk-groups shall have a caretaker to provide them with food and medicines at home.

The Government shall set up the ad hoc service to help the lonely pensioners and the risk-groups and employ the persons now unemployed due to the pandemic”.

According to him:

  • The social service providers shall be equipped with the special hygienic means;
  • The banks shall not postpone but annul the loans of the natural persons where the basic amount is almost covered;
  • The infrastructural projects shall be increased;
  • The special municipal clinics shall be arranged to create new job opportunities;
  • The enterprises shall be supported to eliminate the deficit of the masks and disinfection solutions.

As the MP stated, agriculture shall be also subsidized.

Since we are the import-dependent country, we need to support agriculture as in case of the protracted pandemic, we need to ensure safety in all directions. It shall be funded from the external funds if the state lacks the local resources. It will have a positive impact on the GEL rate”.

He thanked the Administration of the National Disease Control Center and the medical personnel for their devotion and high professionalism.