Eka Beselia and Zviad Kvachantiradze requiring Committee consideration of the developments in David Gareja

17 Jul 2019
Eka Beselia and Zviad Kvachantiradze requiring Committee consideration of the developments in David Gareja

MPs, leaders of the Party “For Justice” Eka Beselia and Zviad Kvachantiradze held the briefing about David Gareja developments and required consideration of the issue at the joint two Committees’ sitting.

According to E. Beselia, the respective Committees shall in shortest period schedule the special in camera hearing to hear the detailed information from the Commission on Demarcation and Delimitation.

The developments reveal that the issue requires complex approach of the Parliament. David Gareja Monastery complex is of the historical value and it is the topic of the agenda for the Ad Hoc Governmental Commission on Demarcation and Delimitation, however, the outcomes of the Commission activity are not known for the Parliament. Our approach and attitude to this issue is very careful and very important in statehood terms, and naturally, in the angle of Georgia-Azerbaijan friendly relations”, - she stated.

The Parliament, being the body determining the policy, shall hear the detailed information about the Commission activity and outcomes, as well as the action plan instead of the fragmented data from media.

The Parliament shall apply its forms through the special format offered by E. Beselia an Z. Kvachantiradze. Within the Foreign Relations, and the Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committees, the in camera hearing shall be held about the activity of the Commission as the Parliament is to define the mandate of the Commission, its activity area and besides, MPs shall have the uninterrupted information for further steps to define the activity framework for the Government.

The Patriarchate of Georgia shall as well be engaged through the consultations.

According to Z. Kvachantiradze, the situation around David Gareja does not allow being relaxed. “We derive from the fact that it is the issue to be taken care very carefully by both sides as we are obliged not only towards our states, countries and the people but towards our friendly relations, towards the history we share which was always a model and the Georgian or Azerbaijani politicians shall not make a statements based on the emotions”.

Against this background, the meeting of the Commission with MPs is particularly important and if the Commission refuses to appear in the Parliament again, then the Parliament will declare distrust and outline another plan for activity.