The briefing by Eka Beselia on the autumn session issues

02 Sep 2019
The briefing by Eka Beselia on the autumn session issues

“The autumn session is to be one of the most responsible, hardest and politically busy session”, - the independent MP, Eka Beselia stated.

She stressed importance of formation of the Constitutional Commission for consideration of the Constitutional changes related to the proportional electoral system, election of the Supreme Court Judges, and the draft resolutions initiated to the Parliament in regards with June 20-21 developments.

“The Constitutional changes require rapid formation of the Constitutional Commission and introduction of the changes to the society to allow the Parliament fulfilling the pledge given for the autumn session on establishment of the proportional electoral system. Against this dramatic background, I am a bit skeptical and cannot even except that the deliberate or unintentional circumstances prevent fulfillment of the Constitutional changes necessary for the proportional system establishment. Hence, we need to be mobilized and thus, I call on all political parties to guarantee fulfillment of the promise on the proportional system by the ruling party. It is the tie 1 issue necessary for the country to guarantee the upcoming elections serve as the breaking point”.

Yet another important issue implies the list of the Supreme Court judges. “We expect accomplishment of the voting in the High Council of Justice. I, personally feel zero trust to the Council and can preliminarily declare that the list will fail to comply the standards to meet the democracy and high professional tests. Despite, it is going to be the most dramatic political decision. Besides, let me inform you about my position regarding election of the Judges – we need to make the decision and make the Majority elect only several judges – 5 or 6 enough for the Supreme Court to keep operating and the new Parliament and the new Council of Justice are supposed to elect the judges to the new vacant positions. I hope this proposal will be supported. It was the recommendation of the Venice Commission and which was certainly substantiated as it was expressing the distrust of the greater part of the society to the Parliament and distrust of the society to the High Council of Justice. So, the process needs to acquire higher legitimation and ensure election of a couple of judges solely enough to fill the panels”.

The same position has been expressed by the Supreme Court. Voting of the list is going to be the most dramatic and will serve as the direct test for the ruling party “whether it remains in the past or dares and maintains independence of the Supreme Court”.

“It is the key issue we need to concentrate around. I would like to address the society, every group realizing the essence of justice and call on them to be mobilized and prevent the Parliament from making the willful and politicized decision. The decision shall be based on the future of the country and guarantees of justice”.

The third issue E. Beselia discussed concerned three bills initiated by three political groups to the Parliament concerning June 20-21 developments. “Unfortunately, the document initiated by the ruling party is to be mostly criticized where it is resolved that June 20-21 developments were lawful. Unfortunately, the ruling party refuses to fulfill its main Constitutional authority that the Parliament being the overseeing body, declares all these developments as lawful instead of ensuring Parliamentary oversight and scrutinizing the facts. The first and foremost, the Parliament should set up the Fact Finding Commission to scrutinize the pre and post facts, responsibilities as I have been proposing. Instead, the Interior Ministry investigates all the facts which are under direct conflict of interest”.

The composition of the Constitutional Commission is already declared and the independent MPs have Levan Koberidze with one quota. “The independent MPs have had the consultations. I expressed my personal negative answer to be the Commission member. We nominated Levan Koberidze, though he may be substituted as other independent MPs also express the will to participate in the Commission. So, various independent MPs may be engaged in various activities. I had my personal reason to decline membership as I do not believe that membership is necessary for observation of the process. I strongly support the proportional system, though there are the issues I express my different positions”.

She responded to the resignation of the Prime Minister: “I do not cherish any of special expectations about these changes as I see that it is a political crisis of the ruling party. Thus, the ruling party tries to make the decisions it needs at this current stage to maintain the authority and these decisions fail to serve for the public and state interests. So, I do not cherish great expectations about these mobility to entail any strategic breakthrough. These are only tactical changes which cannot influence the ongoing events in the country”.