Guguli Maghradze: Psychological assistance group was formed to cope with stress caused by Coronavirus

21 Mar 2020

The Institute for Conflict Research at Tbilisi State University, headed by Guguli Maghradze, set up the Psychological Assistance Group, which will provide free consultations to people with certain psychological, emotional problems in connection with the pandemic Coronavirus.

In this regard, a Facebook Page was also created. In addition, citizens will be also able to receive free consultations over the phone as well as via Skype.

The Psychological Assistance Group is composed of qualified, certified, experienced psychologists who will help citizens receive useful, comforting psychological counseling.

"I believe this to be an important initiative, as not every human psyche is strong enough to cope independently with the stresses that result from such a situation. Therefore qualified psychologists will help people manage and overcome the stress”, - G. Maghradze stated.