David Usupashvili The Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia


The Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia since October, 2012
David Usupashvili was born on March 5, 1968
Graduated from Secondary School of the villae Magharo, Sighnaghi region (1975-1985)
Graduated from Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Legal Faculty (1985-1992); Duke University, Public Policy Faculty (1997-1999)
He was the Chairman of the Republican Party of Georgia (2005-2013)
He worked in USAID Rule of Law Program (1999-2005)
He was the Executive Secretary of the Anti-Corruption Working Group of the President (2000-2001)
He headed the Georgian Young Lawyers Association (1994-1997)
He was the Legal Advisor of the President and the representative of the President to the Parliament (1992-1994)
He was the member and the legal consultant of the Central Election Commission (1990-1994)
He conducted the pedagogical activity in Tbilisi State University (1992-1996) and in GYLA (1999-2011)
He has a wife, Tinatin Khidasheli and sons Alexander (2000) and Grigol (2006)