6th Term of the Parliament of Georgia (2004 - 2008)
Vakhtang Abashidze Vakhtang Abashidze Giorgi Abuladze Giorgi Abuladze Zurab Abuladze Zurab Abuladze Nugzar Abulashvili Nugzar Abulashvili Giorgi Akhvlediani Giorgi Akhvlediani Maia Akhvlediani Maia Akhvlediani Nikoloz Alkhazishvili Nikoloz Alkhazishvili Ilia Archemashvili Ilia Archemashvili Nazi Aronia Nazi Aronia Giorgi Arveladze Giorgi Arveladze Giorgi Asanidze Giorgi Asanidze Van Baiburti Van Baiburti David Bakradze David Bakradze Vakhtang Balavadze Vakhtang Balavadze Giorgi Baramidze Giorgi Baramidze Davit Bazghadze Davit Bazghadze Malkhazi Begiashvili Malkhazi Begiashvili Koba  Bekauri Koba Bekauri Davit Berdzenishvili Davit Berdzenishvili Levan Berdzenishvili Levan Berdzenishvili Konstantine Beridze Konstantine Beridze Eremia Berishvili Eremia Berishvili Giorgi Bezarashvili Giorgi Bezarashvili Levan Bezhashvili Levan Bezhashvili Davit Bezhuashvili Davit Bezhuashvili Zurab Bibilashvili Zurab Bibilashvili Akaki Bobokhidze Akaki Bobokhidze George Bokeria George Bokeria Merabi Botsvadze Merabi Botsvadze Bidzina Bregadze Bidzina Bregadze Giga Bukia Giga Bukia Goderdzi Bukia Goderdzi Bukia Nino Burjanadze Nino Burjanadze Bezhan Butskhrikidze Bezhan Butskhrikidze Giorgi Chakhvadze Giorgi Chakhvadze Teimuraz Cheishvili Teimuraz Cheishvili Vasil Chigogidze Vasil Chigogidze Fikria Chikhradze Fikria Chikhradze Vladimer Chipashvili Vladimer Chipashvili Gocha Chkhaidze Gocha Chkhaidze Ivane Chkhartishvili Ivane Chkhartishvili Tsezari Chocheli Tsezari Chocheli Mamuka Chokhonelidze Mamuka Chokhonelidze Nikoloz Chubinishvili Nikoloz Chubinishvili Lasha Damenia Lasha Damenia Lasha Daraselia Lasha Daraselia Marina Datukishvili Marina Datukishvili Iuri Davitadze Iuri Davitadze Koba Davitashvili Koba Davitashvili Zurab Davitashvili Zurab Davitashvili Giorgi Davladze Giorgi Davladze Tamaz Diasamidze Tamaz Diasamidze Zviad Dolidze Zviad Dolidze Temuri Dolishvili Temuri Dolishvili Levan Duchidze Levan Duchidze Koba Dvalishvili Koba Dvalishvili Zviad Dzidziguri Zviad Dzidziguri Konstantine Gabashvili Konstantine Gabashvili Levani Gachechiladze Levani Gachechiladze Mamuka Gachechiladze Mamuka Gachechiladze Daviti Gamkrelidze Daviti Gamkrelidze Besik Gazdeliani Besik Gazdeliani Giorgi Gegelashvili Giorgi Gegelashvili Vladimer Gegelashvili Vladimer Gegelashvili Valeri Gelashvili Valeri Gelashvili Vakerian Gelbakhiani Vakerian Gelbakhiani Gia Getsadze Gia Getsadze Kakha Getsadze Kakha Getsadze Otar Ghorjomelidze Otar Ghorjomelidze Valeri Giorgobiani Valeri Giorgobiani Kakha Giuashvili Kakha Giuashvili Iuri Gogelia Iuri Gogelia Tengiz Gogichashvili Tengiz Gogichashvili Zviad Gogitidze Zviad Gogitidze Ramin Gogokhia Ramin Gogokhia Khatuna Gogorishvili Khatuna Gogorishvili Tengiz Gongadze Tengiz Gongadze Megi Gotsiridze Megi Gotsiridze Roman Gotsiridze Roman Gotsiridze Nodar Grigalashvili Nodar Grigalashvili Bidzina Gujabidze Bidzina Gujabidze Bezhan Gunava Bezhan Gunava Konstantine Guntsadze Konstantine Guntsadze Vladimer Gutsaev Vladimer Gutsaev Irakli Gvaramadze Irakli Gvaramadze Nika Gvaramia Nika Gvaramia Tamaz Gvelukashvili Tamaz Gvelukashvili Shota Gvenetadze Shota Gvenetadze Levan Gzirishvili Levan Gzirishvili Irakli Iashvili Irakli Iashvili Giorgi Imnadze Giorgi Imnadze Jemal Inaishvili Jemal Inaishvili Valeri Izoria Valeri Izoria Roin Janashia Roin Janashia Viktor Japaridze Viktor Japaridze Adil Japarov Adil Japarov Manana Jebashvili Manana Jebashvili Zurab Jgeburia Zurab Jgeburia Grigol Jojua Grigol Jojua Tamaz Jorbenadze Tamaz Jorbenadze Besik Jugheli Besik Jugheli Tamaz Kacheishvili Tamaz Kacheishvili Guram Kakalashvili Guram Kakalashvili Bezhan Kalandadze Bezhan Kalandadze Nino Kalandadze Nino Kalandadze Ioseb Kardanakhishvili Ioseb Kardanakhishvili Giorgi Karkarashvili Giorgi Karkarashvili Vakhtangi Karseladze Vakhtangi Karseladze Mamuka Katsitadze Mamuka Katsitadze Irakli Kavtaradze Irakli Kavtaradze Tamaz Kavtaradze Tamaz Kavtaradze Roland Kemularia Roland Kemularia Giorgi Kenchadze Giorgi Kenchadze Irakli Kenchoshvili Irakli Kenchoshvili Koba Khabazi Koba Khabazi Giorgi Khachidze Giorgi Khachidze Ivliane Khaindrava Ivliane Khaindrava Badri Khatidze Badri Khatidze Giorgi Kheviashvili Giorgi Kheviashvili Tamaz Khidesheli Tamaz Khidesheli Vano Khukhunaishvili Vano Khukhunaishvili Bezhan Khurtsidze Bezhan Khurtsidze Merab Khurtsidze Merab Khurtsidze Varlam Kiladze Varlam Kiladze Gocha Kimadze Gocha Kimadze Akaki Kipiani Akaki Kipiani Davit Kirkitadze Davit Kirkitadze Roman Kobakhidze Roman Kobakhidze Grigol Kobalia Grigol Kobalia Phiruz Kochobashvili Phiruz Kochobashvili Zurab Kostava Zurab Kostava Irakli Kovzanadze Irakli Kovzanadze Iago Kublashvili Iago Kublashvili Pavle Kublashvili Pavle Kublashvili Kakha Kukava Kakha Kukava Gocha Kuprava Gocha Kuprava Gocha Kurdadze Gocha Kurdadze Irine Kurdadze Irine Kurdadze Paata Kurdovanidze Paata Kurdovanidze Murman Kuridze Murman Kuridze Roman Kusiani Roman Kusiani Eldar Kvernadze Eldar Kvernadze Nikoloz Kvezereli Nikoloz Kvezereli Sopio Lartsuliani Sopio Lartsuliani Paata Lejava Paata Lejava Nikoloz Lekishvili Nikoloz Lekishvili Gogi Liparteliani Gogi Liparteliani Mikheili Machavariani Mikheili Machavariani Jaba Maghlakelidze Jaba Maghlakelidze Vasil Maghlaperidze Vasil Maghlaperidze Guguli Magradze Guguli Magradze Elguja Makaradze Elguja Makaradze Jondo Makharashvili Jondo Makharashvili Ketevan Makharashvili Ketevan Makharashvili Mikheili Malania Mikheili Malania Shota Malashkhia Shota Malashkhia Grigol Mataradze Grigol Mataradze Roman Melia Roman Melia Aik Meltonia Aik Meltonia Aleksandre Menabde Aleksandre Menabde Levan Menabde Levan Menabde Mikheil Menteshashvili Mikheil Menteshashvili Gia Meparishvili Gia Meparishvili Levan Metreveli Levan Metreveli Petre Metreveli Petre Metreveli Konstantine Mgaloblishvili Konstantine Mgaloblishvili Arsen Mgeladze Arsen Mgeladze Nugzar Mgeladze Nugzar Mgeladze Revvazi Mikadze Revvazi Mikadze Lasha Mindeli Lasha Mindeli Kamal Miradkhanovi Kamal Miradkhanovi Aleksandre Mirzashvili Aleksandre Mirzashvili Levan Mkheidze Levan Mkheidze Mamuka Mkheidze Mamuka Mkheidze Enzel Mkoian Enzel Mkoian Marina Molodni Marina Molodni Tengiz Motsrdze Tengiz Motsrdze Hamlet Movsesian Hamlet Movsesian Davit Mumladze Davit Mumladze Manana Nachkebia Manana Nachkebia Nikoloz Nachkebia Nikoloz Nachkebia Maia Nadiradze Maia Nadiradze Nino Nakashidze Nino Nakashidze Davit Namgalauri Davit Namgalauri Badri Nanetashvili Badri Nanetashvili Lasha Narchemashvili Lasha Narchemashvili Gia Natsvlishvili Gia Natsvlishvili Lasha Natsvlishvili Lasha Natsvlishvili Nikoloz Natsvlishvili Nikoloz Natsvlishvili Teimuraz Nergadze Teimuraz Nergadze Gia Nutsubidze Gia Nutsubidze Kakhaber Okriashvili Kakhaber Okriashvili Tengiz Okrotsvaridze Tengiz Okrotsvaridze Irakli Okruashvili Irakli Okruashvili Vladimer Papava Vladimer Papava Lali Papiashvili Lali Papiashvili Nugzari Parunashvili Nugzari Parunashvili Igor Pataridze Igor Pataridze Nana Patarkatsishvili Nana Patarkatsishvili Jumberi Patiashvili Jumberi Patiashvili Nugzari Periashvili Nugzari Periashvili Gocha Pipia Gocha Pipia Rezo Pirashvili Rezo Pirashvili Koba Pkhakadze Koba Pkhakadze Lali Purtseladze Lali Purtseladze Melik Raisian Melik Raisian Zaza Revishvili Zaza Revishvili Pridon Rukhaia Pridon Rukhaia Nikoloz Rurua Nikoloz Rurua Kakhaberi Rusia Kakhaberi Rusia Nikoloz Saakashvili Nikoloz Saakashvili Nodar Sabanidze Nodar Sabanidze Davit Saganelidze Davit Saganelidze Giorgi Salakaia Giorgi Salakaia Merab Samadashvili Merab Samadashvili Salome Samadashvili Salome Samadashvili Rati Samkurashvili Rati Samkurashvili Mamuka Saneblidze Mamuka Saneblidze Aleksandre Shalamberidze Aleksandre Shalamberidze Eldar Shengelaia Eldar Shengelaia Kakha Shengelia Kakha Shengelia Zakaria Sherazadishvili Zakaria Sherazadishvili Zurab Shkhvatsabia Zurab Shkhvatsabia Nugzar Shoshiashvili Nugzar Shoshiashvili Avtandil Silagadze Avtandil Silagadze Rezo Sujashvili Rezo Sujashvili Kakhaber Sukhishvili Kakhaber Sukhishvili Eduard Surmanidze Eduard Surmanidze Kakha Sutidze Kakha Sutidze Sandro Tabagari Sandro Tabagari Giorgi Targamadze Giorgi Targamadze Omari Tedoradze Omari Tedoradze Ramaz Tedoradze Ramaz Tedoradze Elena Tevdoradze Elena Tevdoradze Gocha Tevdoradze Gocha Tevdoradze Zurab Tkemaladze Zurab Tkemaladze Davit Tkeshelashvili Davit Tkeshelashvili Teo Tlashadze Teo Tlashadze Davit Todradze Davit Todradze Otar Toidze Otar Toidze Giorgi Topadze Giorgi Topadze Gia Tortladze Gia Tortladze Mzia Totladze Mzia Totladze Pavle Tsadzikidze Pavle Tsadzikidze Giorgi Tsagareishvili Giorgi Tsagareishvili Giorgi Tsanava Giorgi Tsanava George Tsereteli George Tsereteli Teimuraz Tsertsvadze Teimuraz Tsertsvadze Aleksandre Tsintsadze Aleksandre Tsintsadze Zurab Tskitishvili Zurab Tskitishvili Giorgi Tsulaia Giorgi Tsulaia Davit Ujmajuridze Davit Ujmajuridze Giorgi Ukleba Giorgi Ukleba Alakhverdi Umbatov Alakhverdi Umbatov Gurami Vakhtangashvili Gurami Vakhtangashvili Giorgi Vardanashvili Giorgi Vardanashvili Marika Verulashvili Marika Verulashvili Aleksandre Zarnadze Aleksandre Zarnadze Teimuraz Zhorzholiani Teimuraz Zhorzholiani Arnold Zhvania Arnold Zhvania Laerti Zubadalashvili Laerti Zubadalashvili Albeg Zurabiani Albeg Zurabiani Davit Zurabishvili Davit Zurabishvili