title Staff 19 Jan 2019

The official meetings of the Secretary General in the Council of Europe

title Staff 16 Jan 2019

The visit of the Secretary General to the Baltic countries

title Staff 14 Jan 2019

The 2-week internship by the Training Center in various Departments of the...

title Staff 11 Jan 2019

The meeting of Givi Mikanadze with the Ambassador of Latvia

title Staff 09 Jan 2019

Givi Mikanadze introduced the new components of internship to the interns

title Parliamentary Majority 07 Jan 2019

The Majority MPs’ season’s greetings to the conflict zone population

title Staff 21 Dec 2018

The Staff of the Parliament of Georgia to establish the new format of...

title Chairman 20 Dec 2018

The public meeting on the reform of the Research and Analytical Office of the...

title Staff 20 Dec 2018

Eter Svianaidze awarded for 57-year activity in public service

title Staff 20 Dec 2018

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China got cognizant with...