Nikoloz Natenadze delivered the certificates to the interns

28 Dec 2017
Nikoloz Natenadze delivered the certificates to the interns

The Secretary General of the Parliament, Nikoloz Natenadze delivered the certificates to the interns and wished them future success.

The Staff ensures training of highly qualified personnel, professional promotion of the young specialists and conditions for the interns to reveal their creative skills. The internship counts 20 years in the Parliament and former interns are already successful public and state figures.

According to N. Natenadze, this tradition will continue and the Secretariat will ensure to make this process a successful starting point for the youth. 40 interns selected by the competition have passed 3-month internship in various Departments, Budget Office, Committee Staffs and Interim Commission Staff.

The interns were actively involved in the Parliamentary activity. At the final stage, the youth developed the presentations and the secret ballot revealed the winner – the presentation by the intern of the Interim Commission on Territorial Integrity staff, Maka Tokhishvili on “Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts in the executive authority – how the laws, resolutions and decrees adopted are being enforced”.

The Head of the HR Department, Marine Asatiani also addressed the interns and congratulated them with successful accomplishment of internship.

The interns thanked the Parliamentary Administration for the opportunity and best practical experience. They noted that they felt the highest support by the staff and leadership of the Parliament.