Givi Mikanadze appointed as the Secretary General

05 Mar 2018
Givi Mikanadze appointed as the Secretary General

The Speaker, Irakli Kobakhidze introduced the new Secretary General, Givi Mikanadze to the Staff.

“I would like to introduce the new Secretary General of the Parliament appointed a week ago to assume office on March 1”, - he stated.

The new Secretary General is a lawyer, graduated from the leading Universities abroad. He worked in the public, civil sector, NGOs and international organizations, including in CoE and UN.

The last position he occupied was the Rector of the MIA Academy.

Currently, he works on his doctoral thesis in Amsterdam University. He has the academic experience in various Universities and is the author of scientific publications.

“I would like to express particular gratitude to the Speaker. It is the greatest trust and responsibility and it is very important for me as being the Secretary General of the supreme legislative body of the country means a lot. Facilitation to the activity of the Parliament and achievement of the standard for the Staff is paramount for effective and high quality legislative activity of the Parliament according to the standards the supreme legislative body shall adhere to”, - G. Mikanadze stated.

He introduced his Deputy, David Gelashvili speaking about his qualification and experience.

The Speaker wished good luck to G. Mikanadze and his Deputy and thanked the Staff for their activity. “I would like to take the advantage and thank you for your activity and work. Your activity and work are crucial for due functioning of the Parliament”.