The sitting of the Bureau

06 Jul 2020
The sitting of the Bureau

The Bureau discussed the July 13-14 plenary agenda at the sitting presided by the Speaker, Archil Talakvadze.

The agenda includes up to 50 issues and is supplemented with the bill for the III reading on Creation and Management of Kolkheti Protected Areas, regulating the issues related to eco-tourism, arrangement of the visitors zone, driving the vehicles on duty, rehabilitation of infrastructure etc.

The Bureau discussed the new legislative initiatives and determined the consideration terms in the respective Committees, including the bill on Public Health, extending the term of the temporary remedies from July 15 to January 1, 2021.

The Vice-Speaker, Mamuka Mdinaradze elucidated the changes: “There were speculations about the elections and change of the E-date. No one intends to change the date and the elections will be held as established since no one needs to declare the state of emergency in September or October due to the minor problems. Thus, the regulations shall be introduced allowing the Government to effectively management the situation in case of aggravation of the epidemic situation. It is the main reason”.

Extension of the term will ensure safer environment for the elections.

The Chair of the Health Care and Social Issues Committee, Dimitri Khundadze called on the MPs to approve the bill: “I appeal to you to listen to the physicians in such situations. When we were introducing the bill on Public Healthcare, we had a position, against the urge, to establish the certain term as of July 15 but we also mentioned that this period would not be enough and it would be preferable to adjust the term to the pandemic period. I believe, due to many reasons, we shall protect the health of our citizens and maintain the current epidemic situation, hold the elections in a peaceful milieu and prevent the aggravations after the elections. I believe, everyone shall abstain from the political speculations and support us – physicians in this initiative”.

The Speaker responded to the national exams and stated that the safe exams was a system task which was successfully accomplished and the Georgian Government will further do its best to ensure safe environment for the citizens and allow the youth to fully realize their potential.

I would like to, on behalf of the Parliament, wish the entrants good luck and state that the Government and the Parliament will further strive to ensure safe environment for the citizens and allow the youth to fully realize their potential”.

The plenary agenda also includes the reports by:

  • National Bank for 2019;
  • LEPL National Statistics Bureau for 2019;
  • State Inspector’s Service for 2019;
  • National Regulatory Commission on Energy and Water Supply for 2019;
  • State Audit Service for 2019.

The Bureau discussed the organizational bureaus. The extraordinary plenary session is scheduled on July 13.