The sitting of the Bureau

27 Dec 2017
The sitting of the Bureau

The Bureau discussed the new legislative initiatives and defined the leading and mandatory Committees and consideration schedule.

The draft organic law developed by the Legal Committee and the working group on 4th Wave of Judicial Reform on “Common Courts” is to be considered with accelerated manner, which does not exclude convocation of extraordinary session in January.

According to the Chair of the Committee, Eka Beselia, accelerated consideration is important to ensure uninterrupted judicial reforming. The Bureau supported the issue.

The Bureau supported set-up of two new Majority Factions “Georgian Dream-Strong Georgia” and “Georgian Dream-Strong Economy”, elucidated by the Chair of the Procedural Issues Committee, Giorgi Kakhiani.

The Bureau discussed the statements of MPs about their mobility in the Factions. The Bureau took note of the negative conclusion of the Legal Committee on sundry drafts.

The Bureau took note of the report of the visit of the Parliamentary Delegation to OSCE PA (Sophio Katsarava, Giorgi Tsereteli).