title European Georgia - Movement fo... 30 Oct 2019

The Remarks by Gigi Tsereteli at the European Conference of Presidents of the...

title Factions 22 Oct 2019

Meeting of Members of European Georgia with Representatives of Movement...

title European Georgia 10 Oct 2019

Factions “European Georgia”, “European Georgia – Movement for Freedom”,...

title OSCE Parliamentary Assembly 08 Oct 2019

Gigi Tsereteli: The visit of the German President shall serve as an additional...

title Factions 21 Sep 2019

Meeting of Opposition MPs with NGO Representatives

title OSCE Parliamentary Assembly 18 Sep 2019

The Speech by Gigi Tsereteli at the OSCE Enlarged Meeting on Human Rights in...

title European Georgia 12 Sep 2019

Members of European Georgia Met the NATO PA President

title Factions 06 Sep 2019

The sitting of the Factions “European Georgia”, “European Georgia – Movement...

title News 08 Aug 2019

The meeting of Gigi Tsereteli with the Ambassador of the Netherlands

title News 13 Jun 2019

The Factions heard the Deputy Finance Minister