The statement of the Gender Equality Council

12 Jan 2018


The Gender Equality Council became aware of the domestic violence case where the law-enforcement agency has detained the offender, though the Court of the First Instance has released him on bail.

Providing that the information on media indicated to the actual circumstances of the case on threat of repetition of violence, the Council hails the decision of Kutaisi Court of Appeals of January 12, 2018.

At that, deriving from gravity of the statistic data and problems related to violence against women and domestic violence, the Council dooms necessary for the respective agencies to due evaluate the threats indicated by the victim.

The Gender Equality Council shows constant interest in the state of domestic violence and violence against women in the country. At that, the Council attaches particular attention to the actions by the law-enforcement agencies in view of effective protection of the new victims of violence.

The Council hopes that the respective state agencies will effectively apply all the mechanisms under the law to prevent repeated violence in re and similar cases.