The joint sitting of the Parliamentary Permanent Open Governance Council and the Advisory Group

14 Mar 2019
The joint sitting of the Parliamentary Permanent Open Governance Council and the Advisory Group

The Parliamentary Permanent Open Governance Council and the Advisory Group held the 3-day field sitting backed by the EU, UNDP and IDFI.

The first meeting is dedicated to the activity report of the Council for 2018 and the future plans, reporting within the working groups in implementation of the action plan for 2018-2019 and the brief presentation of the plan.

The Chair of the Council, Irine Pruidze delivered the welcome remarks and spoke about increased authority of the Council under the new Rules of Procedure.

In 2018, the Parliament achieved significant success in terms of openness, transparency, engagement and accountability. The 3rd Open Parliament Action Plan for 2018-2019 developed with wide engagement, defines our future obligations – establishment of the new mechanisms to ensure civic engagement and enhance the role of the Parliament in achievement of the national goals”.

Speaking about the plan enforcement analysis, she emphasized significant novelties: provision of civic engagement, e-submission of the petition, Code of Conduct for MPs and development of the website.

If we sum up the report of the action plan for 2017-2018, we may say that the obligations have been implemented with 99%. There is the number of the issues remaining we still work on”.

She offered to set up the thematic group. The attendees overviewed 5 key commitments under the action plan.

The Heads of the working groups, the First Vice Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili, MP Eka Beselia, Chair of the Council Irina Pruidze, international organizations and NGOs discussed 5 commitments:

  • Facilitation and monitoring to UN Sustainable Development Goals by the Parliament;
  • Increased civic engagement in budget formation and endorsement;
  • Increased efficiency and transparency of the Parliament through innovative technologies;
  • Set-up of the civic engagement center in the Parliament;
  • Public awareness on Parliamentary democracy.

The IDFI CEO, Giorgi Kldiashvili spoke about importance of transition of the Open Governance Secretariat from the Justice Ministry to the Governmental Administration.

IDFI Communication Manager, Meri Makharashvili introduced the communication strategy and action plan of the Council, as well as social media communication concept developed in support of EU and UNDP.