Accessible Parliament for All

28 Nov 2017
Accessible Parliament for All

The Parliament published the plan of Tbilisi Palace adaptation “Accessible Parliament for All”, simplifying movement of the persons of mobility and disabilities on the territory of the Parliament.

The Speaker welcomed the attendees and spoke about importance of accessibility for every citizen. “The Parliament is the representative of the citizens of any abilities and the premise shall be equally accessible for all. I am proud to declare that soon, the Parliament will be fully accessible for persons of mobility and disabilities”. 

He noted that hosting this event, the Parliament confirms commitment to establish the citizen-oriented and innovation-based public administration.

He underlined that the new Constitution establishes the new norm that the state undertakes to provide the persons with disabilities with due conditions for realization of their rights. “Today, I would like to reiterate the new norm under the new Constitution that the state undertakes to create the due conditions for the persons with disabilities allowing them due realizing their rights and interests. Thus, we create the solid guarantee for provision of due participation of the persons with disabilities in public and political life. We shall create all preconditions for the citizens to enjoy equal rights and possibilities for active involvement in public life and decision-making”.

The adaptation plan is developed with the Parliamentary initiative by the NGO “Mariani” supported by EU, UNDP and IDFI. “I hail that the public space will further open for the persons with disabilities. I am glad that EU contributes in adaptation of the public transport, Public Service Halls, Legal Aid Centers and now the Parliament”, - the Head of the EU Policy, Press and Information Office stated.

The Chair of the Permanent Parliamentary Council on Open and Transparent Governance, Irine Pruidze spoke about importance of the event within the global legislative openness week and stated that Georgia achieves the greatest progress on democratic development and that no democracy exists without openness.

OGP is the world initiative established in 2011 and Georgia has initially accessed in 2011. It is due to the success of Georgia that this year, Georgia is the OGP presiding country in 2017. It is recognition of the achievements of Georgia in provision of transparency of governance and service provision. It is important that Tbilisi City Hall became the pilot institution amongst 15 countries worldwide launching the Municipal Openness program. As to the Parliament, it is one of the first institutions in the world signing the Openness Declaration in 2015 and setting up the Open and Transparency Governance Council”.

The Council unifies all political groups and is composed of 11 MPs. Our joint activity with the Advisory Group, composed of 15 civil organizations is important. These are the international organizations and NGOs.

The Chair of the Education, Science and Culture  Committee, Mariam Jashi thanked the reporters for their presentations and spoke about Committee activity related to inclusiveness. “Being the Chair of the Education Committee, I would like to touch upon some issues and introduce the activity of the Committee on inclusive issues. There are the number of events in regards with inclusive education to be communicated with the Ministry of Education. We attach high attention to inclusive education within pre-school-higher university period. We also develop the adaptation of the cultural institutions. Being the Member of Parliament, I would like to support the initiative by Rati Ionatamasvhili on adaptation of the Parliament for persons of mobility and disabled vision”.

The UN Acting Resident Representative, Shombi Sharp and the CEO of IDFI, Giorgi Kldiashvili addressed the attendees. R. Ionatamashvili presented the adapted premise plan with details of costs for adaptation of various areas, paths, sound navigation systems, maps, corridors etc.

The presentation coincides with the Parliamentary Openness World Week. The Accessible Parliament is the part of the action plan of Open Parliament of 2015 based on OGP and Parliamentary Openness principles.

In October, 2017 Georgia has assumed OGP global presidency for 1 year. The event was attended by MPs, Government, civil society, international organizations and Association of Disabled.