The Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee organized the Conference “Woman and Migration”

06 Mar 2018
The Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee organized the Conference “Woman and Migration”

The Committee organized the Conference “Woman and Migration” dedicated to the project “Successful Migrant Women” implemented for 3 years by the organization “I will be back” supported by the Committee.

The project aims at enhancement of contacts with Georgian migrants.

The Chair, Zviad Kvachantiradze welcomed the attendees and introduced the migrant women visiting Georgia. “The number of women migrated abroad is high and they always manage to be actively involved in public life. Women constitute the majority of Georgian Sunday schools abroad and Ensembles, as well as Diasporas and Communities and the greatest part of these women contribute in maintenance of Georgian language, promotion of Georgian culture and enhancement of links with Georgia”.

He noted that migrant women are involved in political and public lives in many countries, in enhancement of bilateral relations and public diplomacy. “Their eyes are always attached to Georgia and their success is our success”, - he stated.

It is the third time we hold this event and we hope to further cooperate to support this interesting and important project. Such events shall continue and be enlarged as it facilitates to demonstration of success and achievement of Georgian migrant women. We are committed to be your voice and your representatives in the Parliament. Today, we want to confirm that Diaspora is one of the priorities of Georgian state”.

He emphasized the record in the new Constitution regarding citizenship. “It is the historical record as Diaspora relations are now to be taken care by the state under the Constitutional obligation. I believe that it will give higher opportunities to enhance relations with Diaspora on the legal level”, - he stated.

The TSU professor, the member of the Scientific-Advisory Council, Rusudan Daushvili introduced the report speaking about activity of Georgian migrant women for welfare of Georgia.

The Doctor of Academy, TSU Migration Study Center researcher, Natia Chelidze, IOM program local coordinator, Natia Kvitsiani, Governmental Migration Commission Secretariat executive secretary, Giorgi Jashi introduced the reports on women migration, Georgian diaspora reality, women labor migration, migration and development policy, nearest migration processes, challenges and opportunities.

The author of the project, Ina Asanidze spoke about the achievements and future plans.

Z. Kvachantiradze delivered the Certificates of Gratitude and memorable gifts to the participants of the project.

The Conference was attended by MPs, executive authorities, international and public organizations and scientific circles.