The speech by Eka Beselia at PACE Plenary Session

12 Oct 2018
The speech by Eka Beselia at PACE Plenary Session

The PACE autumn session discussed the report by the Human Rights and Legal Affairs Committee today on “Out-of-court settlement procedures in criminal justice: advantages and risks” introduced by Boriss Cilevics.

The member of the Parliamentary Delegation of Georgia, Chair of the Legal Issues Committee, Eka Beselia delivered the respective speech: “Plea agreement is one of the problematic issues in criminal process. I agree with the reporter that the plea agreement has its pros and cons and I share the arguments provided in the report”.

The statistic of appellations of 2017 clearly reveals that today, the indicted persons perceive the plea agreement as the mean of simplification of the jurisdiction process.

She noted that elimination of the coercive nature of the plea agreements requires creation of solid guarantees. “EU Commissioner, before 2017 was criticizing the practice in Georgia. Today, Georgia is named as a good model in the draft Resolution with effective protection standard amongst the countries such are: France, Switzerland and Estonia. We need solid guarantees for protection and today, our legislation has enhanced this standard”.