The sitting of the Legal Issues Committee

16 Jul 2014
The sitting of the Legal Issues Committee


The changes to the law on Public Service provide testing for municipal servants till July 1, 2015. The initiative by the Government was introduced by Deputy-Minister of Regional Development, Tengiz Shergelashvili. The legal basis, authorities of agencies, principles and the rules shall be prescribed under the ordinance by the Government no later than September 1, 2014. Zakaria Kutsnashvili proposed an obligatory rule – to conduct testing inside the local bodies.”Municipalities shall be fully involved in selection of local servants. This draft derives this right to the local bodies. Unified test shall be delivered at the place instead of bringing servants to Tbilisi”. Vakhtang Khmaladze named the exams in universities as a good example of taking the tests out. “At one hand is when the local servants are tested at one place and on another hand when particular servants are tested locally by the same people”.
Term of administrative detention shall be defined with 15 days instead of 90 with the changes to the Code of Administrative Offense, introduced by V. Khmaladze with the I reading. The Court shall onset consideration of the offense protocol immediately after receipt of the proceedings material. The term is inculcated – “administrative detention”, specifying the nature of detention.
The changes to the laws on State Secret and on International Cooperation in Law-Enforcement were introduced by Irakli Sesiashvili. The new terms are inculcated: verification procedure, necessity to study information, handling with the information of state secrecy, secret contact, means of information delivery, communication and informational system. The disciplinary misconduct shall be separated from corruptive offenses with the initiative of Eka Beselia to the organic law on Common Courts. Disciplinary misconduct shall not be the circumstance of appointment of the judge. “This issue shall be up to this agency itself after expiration of the term. The relevant competent agency shall be guided under various criterion to estimate moral reputation of the candidate”, - she stated. The Committee supported the drafts.