The Legal Issues Committee supports abolishment of mandatory military service

10 Nov 2015
The Legal Issues Committee supports abolishment of mandatory military service

The Committee considered with the I reading the supported the draft by Zurab Japaridze on Military Obligation and Military Service, envisaging abolishment of mandatory military service. “We still have the system, called mandatory military service. This initiative implies complete abolishment of this system. It is principally inadmissible to have the mandatory military service or any type of service in general, where the state takes youth without their will. In reality, this system has no connection to defense capacity of the country or morale of the army. According to 2015 data, 6 436 young men were conscripted and 25% amongst were really in military army, others were conscripts of MIA and other penitentiary agencies”
, - Z. Japaridze stated.

Youth uses various mechanisms to escape military service. He noted that Georgia has undertaken to abolish mandatory military service to NATO. The draft defines enactment of the law on January 1, 2016. He shared the opinion of the Committee that the package shall be supplemented with the draft on Municipal Code and the remark that enactment date may be changed.

The Committee considered the draft on Volunteerism, regulating relations between the volunteer, host organization and the third parties on Georgian territory. Volunteerism implies gratis and voluntary activity and skills by the natural persons under the organizational arrangement for benefit of society. The natural person of 16 can be a volunteer and the minor under 16 shall have the consent by the legal representative or the guardian body if volunteerism is without prejudice to interest of the minor or his/her moral, physical and mental development. The draft defines the concept of the host organization, rights of volunteer and host organization and regulates the issues related to cost remuneration, secure environ, responsibility of the volunteer etc.

The reporter, Ani Mirotadze stated that the draft is not directed against the political parties. “When we started development of the draft, some persons had the opinion that it would be against some political parties as prohibits participation of volunteers in political parties which is not true as these relations are regulated under another law”. The Committee supported the draft.

The Committee considered with the I reading the draft by Tamar Kordzaia on Civil Code of Practice, providing consideration of the case on consent to marriage of minors under 16 by means of undisputed proceeding.

The Parliament considers the drafts by the Committee on Civil Code and on Civil Acts, envisaging parents and guardians to be deprived of authority to issue consent on marriage of minors under 16. The cases of this category will be considered by the Board of the Civil Cases by means of undisputed proceedings. The necessity was outlined to adopt the change to the Civil Code of Practice as well. The Committee supported the draft.


  • The Legal Issues Committee supports abolishment of mandatory military service, November 10, 2015