Georgian MPs studied the drug policy system in Portugal

14 Sep 2017
Georgian MPs studied the drug policy system in Portugal

The Vice Speaker, Zviad Dzidziguri, Chair of the Legal Issues Committee, Eka Beselia, Chair of the Health Care and Social Issues Committee, Akaki Zoidze and the Chair of the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee, Kakhaber Kuchava in the composition of the Parliamentary Delegation serve the visit to Portugal on damage reduction programs and drug policy issues. The visit is organized by “Eurasian Damage Reduction Network” and “Open Society – Georgia”. At the meeting in the Parliament of Portugal, Georgian MPs discussed drug policy health care and social provision issues interrelation. The topics of the meeting were:

  • Drug-addiction state, drug control and consumption in Portugal;
  • HIV, TB and Hepatitis C diagnosis, treatment and prevention system;
  • Damage reduction programs;
  • Legal basis of drug policy system of Portugal;
  • Addictive behavior prevention;
  • Drug-testing.

MPs studied the Commission activity principles at the meeting with the Commission for Dissuasion. The round table was held on: Main Achievements and Challenges of Drug Policy System in Portugal to be shared by the Parliament of Georgia.