The Statement of the Regional Policy and Self-Government Committee regarding Borjomi developments

07 Mar 2018

We would like to make a statement and response to the recent developments in Borjomi municipality.

First of all, we note that providing that we speak about the municipality functioning of which has a clear legislative and institutional framework, specifics and tasks to efficiently ensure solution of local problems, to provide uninterrupted and high quality municipal services to the population, everyone shall understand that it shall be supported and it shall be realized that undue interruption in municipal activity may impede to and damage the hereof public interests.

Unfortunately, there were attempts in the recent days, affecting on activity of Borjomi municipality.

Unfortunately, due to the situation, public servants of Borjomi municipality fail to receive their salaries for months which violates their labor rights, which is reflected on the interests of Borjomi and the residents.

Thus, the members of Borjomi City Assembly shall find the resources to act in line with interests of the city and the residents. In this regards, the recent statements by the City Assembly members are noteworthy, expressing commitment for consensus.

We would like to clearly state that we condemn any type of violence.

We state that it is inadmissible and risky to intervene in functioning of the Municipality in view of imposition of the narrow party policy and in view of undertaking the impeding activity.

We call on the Borjomi Municipality City Assembly to act in line with the interests of the local residents.