The itinerant sitting of the Regional Policy and Self-Government Committee

06 Mar 2018
The itinerant sitting of the Regional Policy and Self-Government Committee

The Committee held the field meeting in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region. The meeting in Anaklia was attended by the Governor of the region and representatives of all Municipality entities of the region – Chairs of the City Assemblies, Mayors and Governors.

The Committee Chair, Zaza Gabunia welcomed the audience and noted that it is his honor to hold the first field meeting in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region so close to the integral part of Georgia – Abkhazia. “The state evidently encounters the challenges and has the task and one of the problem is to restore our territorial integrity. While the problem exists, no other more vital matter will exist”, - he stated.

He touched upon the importance of the field sittings and noted that they are result-oriented where the Committee wants to create the platform for the dialogue. “Such meetings create the precondition for MPs to develop the changes related to Municipalities and the interests of the local residents”.

It requires continuation of democratic reforms and enhancement of the institutions to ensure economically and politically powerful state. He touched upon decentralization and recalled the March 5 sitting in the Parliament where the Prime Minister and the Speaker spoke about empowerment of municipalities and new model of decentralization.

The sitting was resumed with the agenda.

Goga Khulordava introduced the Bill by Zaza Gabunia, Merab Kvaraia and Goga Gulordava on Salaries in Public Institutions, conditioned with the changes to the Municipal Code envisaging appointment of the Deputy Chair of the Faction of the City Assembly as the official of the City Assembly of the Municipality.

The respective Bill has been developed to define the salaries for these officials envisaging supplement of the Table N4.1 with the position of the Deputy Chair of the Faction of Tbilisi City Assembly Faction with increased salary with the upper limit of 3.0 and supplement of the Table N4.2 with the position of the Deputy Chair of the City Assembly Faction with the upper limit of 2.0.

The Chair, Merab Kvaraia introduced the Bill by Z. Gabunia, M. Kvaraia, G. Gulordava and I. Mezurnishivli concerning regulation of parking in municipality entities – the Bill on Code of Administrative Offenses. He noted that the changes define the penalty for any parking violation with the amount of 10 GEL.

He spoke about implementation of the Municipal Code and stated that Georgia established the European model of self-government. “The significant reform was undertaken in 2014 when the Parliament adopted the Municipal Code unifying sundry Laws and enforcement norms. In this regards, the changes are noteworthy envisaging elective appointment of the Mayors and Governors. The Government continues improvement of the municipal model and the executive and legislative authorities sent the important messages yesterday. These directions are: increased authority of the municipalities; delegation of financial resources to the municipalities; and increased public involvement and accountability”.

MPs discussed infrastructural projects in the region and socio-economic development. Local authorities spoke about the challenges in the region, infrastructural projects, measures to eliminate stink bugs, licensing on pastures and extraction of minerals. Suspension of the rural development program created difficulties, as noted. MPs, the Deputy Regional Minister and the Governor of the Region introduced reports and answered the questions.

The sitting ended with presentation of the image footage of the region. MPs were cognizant with Anaklia Port construction works in situ.