The sitting of the Foreign Relations Committee

06 Mar 2018
The sitting of the Foreign Relations Committee

All the efforts are directed to ensure delivery of the body of Archil Tatunashvili. We have already made all necessary steps to mobilize the international organizations for due response and strict assessments. It is the matter when we all shall achieve consolidation and have uniform approach and the position to adopt the uniform Resolution”, - Sophio Katsarava  stated at the sitting considering the draft Resolutions by the Majority and Minority.

The Majority Leader, Archil Talakvadze expressed his condolences to the family of A. Tatunashvili. “The whole country, we all express our condolences due to death of Archil Tatunashvili. It was the grave crime committed – the life of Georgian citizen was deprived in Tskhinvali region, on the occupied territory. We hail that every party in Georgia makes the due and sever assessment to the fact. We also hail that with the efforts of the Government and civil society the international society has made the severe assessments. I want to declare that no one will forget the fact of murder of Archil Tatunashvili and Giga Otkhozoria. We all, along with our partners and friends, will further strive to remain this issue in the agenda until stricter measures are undertaken against violation of human rights, illegal detentions and deprivation of lives on the occupied territories and until Russian Federation being responsible for each of these facts, gives due answer to all the questions we and the international society have”.

The Majority initiated the special Resolution. “We want the Parliament to adopt the uniform Resolution providing the principal assessments of this gravest crime and to require the adequate response to murder of Archil Tatunashvili and to undertake the measures to protect human lives and freedom on the occupied territories”.

According to him, the Parliament shall adopt the uniform and strong Resolution supported by every party. “We started consultations with the Factions. We are ready to consider any substantiated recommendation or offer. This process has begun and I hope that soon we will develop the draft with uniform support to express the uniform position of the Parliament regarding this fact”.

The Government does its best to ensure rapid delivery of the body to his family. The member of the European Georgia-Movement for Freedom, Sergi Kapanadze introduced the draft by the Minority. “The essence of our Resolution is to condemn the actions recently taking place on the occupied territories. It concerns murder of Archil Tatunashvili, similar crime against Giga Otkhozoria. We strive to condemn the number of the violations – gross violations of human rights, abductions etc”.

The opposition offers to develop the instrument with preventive purpose. The draft aims at composition of the Otkhoziria-Tatunashvili Act by the Government to enroll all the persons identified in gross violation of human rights of Georgian citizens for imposition of the sanctions thereon. Sanctions shall conclude visa restrictions by our partners, as well as restrictions on money transactions.

The policy of the Government envisaging various services to the residents of the occupied territories shall not apply to such persons. “I will and hope that the Parliament will adopt the common Resolution providing all the ideas in order to let the Parliament, as the state agency make the correct and strong message to the population and international partners. There are the issues all the political parties agree on”, - he stated.

According to the Deputy Chair of the National Movement Faction, Salome Samadashvili, the consultations shall be immediately launched with EU concerning the sanctions. “We offer the Parliament to appeal to the executive authority to immediately start the consultations regarding sanctions against Russia”.

It will be the clear message also to stop Abashidze-Karasin talks until due response to murder of Georgian citizen. “This format as in current form cannot be resumed. We shall create the Parliamentary oversight mechanism on the format to put it within the respective institutional frame. The Foreign Affairs Ministry shall hold the dialogue and accountability”.

The pressure on Russia shall be intensified, she stated. “It is continuation of the terminated attempt to achieve legal recognition of occupation and annexation at the international theatre, to continue and resume pressure on Russia in the respective international tribunals to impose responsibility for violation of human rights and deprivation of lives of Georgian citizens and for violation of state borders of Georgia. All these aspects shall be reflected in the Resolution”, - S. Samadashvili noted.

According to Nino Goguadze, the Parliament shall have the uniform position.

According to the Chair of the Patriots of Georgia, Giorgi Lomia, the Parliament shall not adopt the vain Resolution. “We support any Resolution if it gains real result. I vote for solution of the real way out. The population expects from us the decision and prevention of such facts – abduction and murder. If we adopt the Resolution gaining no result, it will be vain”.

The consultations will continue.