The Plenary Session of the Parliament

07 Mar 2018
The Plenary Session of the Parliament

After endorsement of the Agenda, the Speaker, Irakli Kobakhidze introduced the new Secretary General, Givi Mikanadze and spoke about his biographic data. “I am sure, cooperation with him will be comfortable for every Member of Parliament regardless of their political affiliations and the status”, - the Speaker stated.

Afterwards, the floor was given to MPs. The part of MPs responded to the murder of Archil Tatunashvili in Tskhinvali and spoke about the respective Resolution.

The Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Sophio Katsarava stated that it is the event when the full responsibility is imposed to Russian occupation regime. “Destructive actions of Russia not only grossly violate human rights, they deprive human lives and the developments on the occupied territories are totally inadmissible”.

Every effort is mobilized to bring the body back to the family. International society is informed. “It is one of the priorities and we consider that is has no alternative and we will further continue communication with our citizens on the occupied territories. It is our national interest to peacefully regulate the conflict and this peaceful policy has no alternative”.

According to the "Patriots of Georgia" MP, Ada Marshania, the murderer of A. Tatunashvili shall be punished. Everyone shall acknowledge that Georgia does not fight with Abkhazians and Ossetians. “The murderer, whoever it is, shall be punished. We do not fight with Ossetians and Abkhazians – we fight with the murderers who have no nationality”. She underlined necessity of the direct dialogue with Moscow, Tskhinvali and Sokhumi.

The Majority MP, Nukri Kantaria expressed concern and condolences due to this fact. “I join the condolences, revealing reality we encounter”. He condemned use of the children in Tskhinvali to express the protest and called on to every party to be wise against this emotional background.

The Minority MP, Vice Speaker Sergi Kapanadze hoped that the Parliament will ensure uniform and solid response, that the proposals of Minority regarding Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili Act will be shared and the Parliament will adopt the respective Resolution. He criticized Borjomi developments and called on the Government for respective measures.

The Chair of the Regional Policy and Self-Government Committee, Zaza Gabunia spoke about decentralization strategy and importance of political will. “In this week, the society was informed about the decentralization and self-government development vision provided by the Governmental officials, Speaker of the Parliament and the Prime Minister. It is the fundamentally important issue, providing that we now clearly witness that the Government has the political will for decentralization reform based on three pillars: new authorities for the municipalities to respond to the local needs; more financial resources to solve the problems and ensure development; higher public involvement and participation in rural or urban administration decision-making”.

It meets the challenges the country encounters in terms of elimination of inequality and development of self-government. The Speaker echoed this statement. “Decentralization is the milestone of democracy, it is the milestone of effective administration. It is the important reform and I hope that it will be supported by all political forces and the society”.

Z. Gabunia touched upon highland development law efficiency and introduced the statistic data about the aid to the highlanders. “The greatest impact of this law and the preferences are evident and the result of the law is that the population goes back to once neglected highland villages. This process is characterized with the drastically positive tendency and we hope that it will be maintained and increased. Last week the sitting of the National Council of the Mountain was held making the decision on application of the law to 15 more settlements and their residents will receive additional preferences”.

The Minority MP, Sergo Ratiani echoed the Borjomi developments and stated that the police should timely undertake preventive measures. The Minority MP, Akaki Bobokhidze spoke about the sting bug problem stating that although the state allocated the sums, the project needs better organization. “The state does its best, though the activity shall be intensified in terms of the population. The state shall be more active in organizing – the Village Representatives expect the assignments related to the organizational works”.

The Majority MP, Levan Gogichaishvili spoke about inclusive education and echoed the state programs. The financing of the programs for education of the children with special needs shall be in the spotlight. The condition of the special schools is not satisfactory. Two schools in Tbilisi are in particularly grave condition and are risky for the children. He called on the respective Ministries to ensure safety of the children and pedagogues.

The Minority MP, Gigi Tsereteli spoke about the healthcare reforms, emphasizing necessity of the initial healthcare development.

The Majority Leader, Archil Talakvadze echoed the initiative by the Mayor, Kakhi Kaladze about mandatory use of Georgian scripts, calling it timely and fair. “I want my children to read Georgian in the streets, showing Georgian alphabet to their European and American friends with pride as Georgian alphabet is amongst 14 ancient scripts in the world”.

He also spoke about Hepatitis C elimination program, stating that decentralization of this service and accessibility thereto shall continue to include all the potential patients. He thanked the countries and organizations supporting in successful implementation of the program. “Georgia undertakes the unique Hepatitis C Elimination program which has already saved more than 200 000 lives in Georgia. The program is the best model of cooperation between the Government, civil society, private and public sectors. As for present, the program includes up to 45 thousand patients for treatment and 40 thousand persons for medicines. The heal coefficient is high reaching 98.2% at Harvoni dosage guide. I would like to thank the US Government and American people, as well as US Disease Control and Prevention Center, Gilead Company, WHO, Hepatitis World Alliance and other partners for their support”.

MPs resumed with the agenda and considered with the III reading the Bill on Military Forces Reserve and Military Reserve Service, introduced by the Deputy Defense Minister, Nukri Gelashvili.

The Bill regulates military reserve rule. The reporter introduced the remarks expressed upon the II reading. He also introduced the documents on: Agreement on Cooperation between Georgian Defense Ministry and Slovenian Defense Ministry in Defense Sphere’; and the Agreement on Memorandum between Georgia and Romania on Mutual Support of the Host Country.

MPs considered with the III reading the Bill on Labor Safety, introduced by the Parliamentary Secretary of the Government, Shalva Tadumadze. The Bill applies to the hazardous and dangerous works and regulates the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers. MPs considered the draft Resolution on Agreement between Georgia and Germany on Exchange and Mutual Protection of Classified Information.

MPs considered with the III reading the Bills on: Insolvency Proceedings, introduced by the Deputy Justice Minister, Mikheil Sarjveladze; Code of Administrative Offenses, introduced by the Deputy Finance Minister, Giorgi Kakauridze. He also introduced the document on Loan Agreement between Georgia and EBRD on Enguri HPP Rehabilitation project envisaging allocation of 28 ml EURO with 15 years, 3.5 of which are preferential.

MPs considered with the I reading the Bill by Eka Beselia and Gedevan Popkhadze on Civil Code of Practice, envisaging the person appealing to the Court for securement of the claim, shall ensure remuneration of expected damage to the defendant within the term not exceeding 30 days (instead of 7 days).

MPs considered: with the I reading the Bill on Code of Administrative Offenses initiated by Mariam Jashi and Genadi Margvelashvili envisaging media literacy law amendments; with the II reading the Bill on Grants, introduced by the Deputy Refugees Minister, Grigol Giorgadze; with the I reading the Bill on Higher Education introduced by Alexander Kantaria; with the I reading the Bill on Development of Education Quality, introduced by the Deputy Education Minister, Teimuraz Murgulia.

The Chair of the Interim Commission on Territorial Integrity, Gedevan Popkhadze introduced the draft Resolution on Change to the Resolution of December 29, 2016 N244-IS on Expediency of Set up of the Interim Commission on Territorial Integrity. The change was entailed with set up of the two Factions and re-distribution of quotes. The Commission will now be composed of 16 members instead of 14.

The Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, Irakli Kovzanadze introduced the report on set up of the Interim Commission of Financial Audit of State Audit Service for 2017 to be chaired by the First Deputy Chair of the Budget Committee, Paata Kvizhinadze.

The Parliament took note of the statement by the member of the PD Board of Trustees, Sulkhan Saladze on termination of his authority ahead of time.