The Plenary Session of the Parliament

11 Jun 2019
The Plenary Session of the Parliament

Prior to the agenda, MPs made the statements in line with the Rules of Procedure.

The Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sophio Katsarava spoke about importance of USA-Georgia strategic partnership and noted that 10 years have passed since signing the Strategic Partnership Charter. “It is not a new fact that USA is our key strategic partner. It is also evidenced with the bipartisan support of USA and the important decisions expressed towards Georgia. We enjoy the significant progress with America especially in security and defense spheres. At this stage, we strive to further enhance economic and trade bonds in our agenda”, - she noted.

Speaking about David Gareja, the Vice Speaker, Irma Inashvili stated: “Let me be strict that Georgian people has no intention to concede David Gareja and will never allow alienation of our territory as the preceding Government has done. Yes, the previous Government has sold the part of David Gareja when the high officials have been stating that half of this territory belongs to Azerbaijan”.

Zaza Khutsishvili spoke about infrastructural projects in Tbilisi: “I would like to thank Tbilisi population for their tolerance to the works. As you know, all large projects require tolerance and entail discomfort but I would appeal to you to be patient as it is for our city. I also would like to thank our Mayor, Kakha Kaladze and his team for these excellent works”.

According to Gedevan Popkhadze, today, the Parliament makes the important decision – election of the State Inspector. “We shall show higher principality to it as when we speak about the State Inspector, we have already admitted so many compromises when we wanted to have an independent structure directly subordinated to the Parliament and serving the guarantee for response to the offenses committed by the law-enforcement agencies, and we still had to limit the functions of the State Inspector”.

Eka Beselia spoke about importance of this position and stated that the candidate offered is nominated by the Prosecutor’s Office due to which the Parliament has received the recommendation on set-up of the Fact Finding mechanism in 2013 which now is the Interior Ministry.

Levan Gogichaishvili also criticized the candidate: “Today, we shall support the candidate who wince 2010 headed the juvenile justice process in the Prosecutor’s Office when Adeishvili and his team were resorting to torture and inhuman treatment to the juveniles in 2010-2012. Today, we are to support this candidate who was the prosecutor educated by Adeishvili who was a chief torturer of juveniles in Gldani N8 Penitentiary”.

Opposition MP Giorgi Bokeria criticized the political team of the Government.

In response, Zaza Papuashvili demanded apologies from G. Bokeria.

The Speaker called on MPs to calm down and stated that this case will be discussed by the Ethics Council.

The Vice Speaker Sergi Kapanadze and European Georgia MP Otar Kakhidze also criticized the Government stating that the crime index increased.

The Chair of the Agrarian Committee, Otar Danelia spoke about agrarian product export: “In 2019, wine expert has increased. I would like to underline that expert increased at the strategic markets such is USA – we have 12% increase. Despite increasing tendency of China, we also have increase of 27%. We increased export to Poland with 18% and with 91% to France. These countries have quite a rich wine-making traditions and Georgian wine gains popularity at their markets. We have also increased export of brandy with 60% and Chacha with 61%, which is a new product for some markets and increased export reveals higher interest. As for countering stink-bug, within April 8 – up-today we have installed 3061 pheromones and more than 40000 traps. We have used cold spray on 8546 hectares 2057 of which in Guria, 4700 in Samegrelo and 1717 in Imereti. Thermal fog is used on 9300 hectares – 5420 in Samegrelo, 1900 in Imereti and 1980 in Guria”.

Kharagauli Single Mandate MP Koba Lursmanashvili spoke about infrastructural projects in his region and responded to the allegations against the Prime Minister aired by one of the TVs. “Let me remind you that there are 80 villages in Kharagauli region and roads in more than 40 of them are already asphalt-covered and concreted. Lots of infrastructural projects have been implemented and speaking about the Prime Minister as biased by one of the TVs as if he cares not about his own village is dishonest, lie and misleads the population”.

Tina Bokuchava, Giorgi Kandelaki and Zurab Chiaberashvili also criticized the Government speaking about inefficiency in foreign and domestic policy. “You are unable to serve to your people, to solve their problems, you devaluated GEL, reduced investments and economic growth, you facilitated to poverty”, - Z. Chiaberashvili noted.

In response, Majority MPs stated: “A couple of years ago, Batumi has become the Tourist Award holder along with the cities such are: Sofia, Ljubljana etc. Batumi was named as the most growing travel destinations and this award belongs to every Batumi resident contributing in development of the city, to every family hotels and cafes creating the hospitality image of the city. We serve better for our country after your distorted mental order, lost territories, concrete jungles etc. Despite your lies about us, time passes and emotions calm down and only our deeds will remain benefiting in a long-term run”, - Nino Tsilosani stated.

“I will not comment about aggression and hatred heard in this hall. I am glad to be able to say that our society does not tolerate aggression and hate and it is expressed in the elections”, - Tamar Chugoshvili noted.

She spoke about the judicial reform: “In the beginning of 2019, we have pledged to finalize the 4th wave to meet the problematic issues identified by the international organizations and NGOs and serving for healthy processes in the judiciary. For months, the working group has been openly working with participation of MPs, members of the Court, international organizations and NGOs and we have achieved consensus on three most important issues – disciplinary proceedings in the judiciary – responsibility of the judges when no disciplinary misconduct can be occurred, the role of the High School of Justice and appointment of the Judges, as well as administration of the High Council of Judges”.

By-elections revealed the high legitimation of Georgian Dream. The Constitutional and other reforms in healthcare, social sphere, infrastructure – have been highly estimated by the society along with other our achievements and solution of the challenges by Georgian Dream. Now, back to our activity. You, the opposition are here, we have the OSCE recommendations and let’s sit at the table to in political regime discus the certain arguments necessary for the legislative changes to improve our election law. Let’s speak as we can offer better solution from your confusion”, - Archil Talakvadze noted.

After the statements, MPs resumed to the agenda and voted for two candidates for the State Inspector.

MPs elected with 82 votes against 12 Londa Toloraia while Valeri Lomuashvili received only 7 votes. MPs also held the secret ballot of the candidates for Members of the Investment Board of the LEPL Pension Agency – Olivier Russo (77 votes), Michael Riddle (83 votes) with 5-year term, David Tsiklauri (84 votes) and Jean-Frederic Paulsen (80 votes against 1) with the 3-year term.

MPs voted for 32 bills and took note of the report by the LEPL National Statistic Service.

MPs discussed with the I reading the bill on Special Rule of System and Sporadic Registration of the Rights on the Land Plots within the State Project and Improvement of Cadastral Data, introduced by O. Danelia.

The Deputy Defense Minister, Nukri Gelashvili introduced the bills on: Military Police; State Compensation and State Academic Scholarship; Social Provision for the Officers and their families retired from the Military, Interior and State Special Defense Services.

The Chair of the Human Rights Committee, Sofo Kiladze introduced the bills on Elimination of Violence against Women and/or Domestic Violence and Protection and Aid for the Victims; and the Child Code.

The Parliamentary Secretary of the Government, Natia Mikeladze introduced the bill on Insurance.

The Deputy Justice Minister, Mikheil Sarjveladze introduced the Criminal Code and the Deputy Environmental Minister, Nino Tandilashvili introduced the bill on Environmental Protection.