The Plenary Session of the Parliament

12 Jun 2019
The Plenary Session of the Parliament

MPs discussed the bill on the Customs Code with the III reading introduced by the Deputy Finance Minister, Lasha Khutsishvili regulating the customs-related rights and obligations, customs clearance, disputes, commodity value and import of the goods, customs status of the goods, customs procedures, declaration etc.

MPs discussed the draft organic law on Agricultural Land Plots introduced by the Chair of the Agrarian Committee, Otar Danelia.

The changes specified certain Articles and improved editorial side of the law. The draft determines the property right on the agricultural land in line with the Constitution and regulates alienation of the land, use of the land as the securement, change of the partner of the LEPL registered in Georgia, ownership of the land by the state, Autonomous Republic and the municipality, the lands on the occupied territories etc.

It is a very important bill based on proper development of agriculture. It is the basis for all the procedures and solves all the problems. We will strive to consider every recommendation and remark expressed today, including the part of the terms”, - O. Danelia noted.

MPs discussed the report by the Parliamentary Delegation to the IPU and the Parliamentary Delegation to Georgia-Moldova-Ukraine Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, introduced by the Speaker, Irakli Kobakhidze.

The Delegation, within IPU in 2018, took part in two Assemblies, one annual Parliamentary hearing and two Conferences.

The Vice-Speaker, Giorgi Volski participated in the annual hearing in New York, at the 139th Assembly in Geneva and held the bilateral meetings.

The Speaker emphasized importance of the format of the International Parliamentary Assembly and stated that this format is a good opportunity to discuss the situation on the occupied territories, non-recognition policy and respective challenges. He underlined that Georgian Delegation takes active use of the IPU format for enhancement of bilateral relations with member states and for promotion of Georgia’s international priorities. “I had the opportunity to use the IPU high podium and address up to 800 MPs from 150 countries, including up to 70 Speakers. It was a good opportunity for us to echo our interests. I spoke about migration, IDPs – an acute problem for Georgia, occupation, situation on the occupied territories. We take the use of the podium to introduce the current situation in Georgia. IPU creates a good format to speak about non-recognition policy and we actively use this format for facilitation to successful implementation of non-recognition policy”.

The member of the Delegation, Giorgi Khatidze, within IPU, offered to host the 7th Conference of the Youth Parliamentarians in Georgia in 2020. This decision has already been made by the IPU Executive Committee at the 14oth Assembly.

The Secretary General, Givi Mikanadze also took active part in the IPU ASGP meetings and as a result of his successful activity, he was elected as the member of the Executive Committee.

The Speaker also introduced the report by the Parliamentary Delegation to Georgia-Moldova-Ukraine Inter-Parliamentary Assembly for 2018: “We try to enhance our relations with Moldova and Ukraine as we share common goals and challenges – territorial integrity, which is one of the acutest problems for all three countries”.

He underlined common goals: “Our shared goal is EU integration. We also share NATO integration with Ukraine and hence, development of this trilateral format is important”.

The ideal of trilateral cooperation has been born at the joint meeting in Poland and the first session has been held on October 5-6, 2018 in Georgia – it was an inaugural session attended by high officials of all three countries who signed the Statute of the Assembly.

We agreed on priorities of our activity – two main directions: EU integration and security of our countries. We agreed to emphasize our attention on these priorities in the future. We also held the panel discussions and the bilateral meetings with our Ukrainian and Moldovan colleagues, as well as the MEPs”.

The Speaker emphasized the joint Resolution of the Assembly condemning aggressive actions of Russia against Ukraine. The new format allowed the three countries expressing the joint position on the problems.

The Speaker spoke about hybrid threats in Moldova and Ukraine and the joint declaration. “I hope to keep active cooperation in trilateral format and we believe to further intensify our Parliamentary Assembly on joint challenges and for achievement of joint goals”.

The Speaker stressed importance of similar formats and the visits and underlined the example of the meetings with the Speakers of the Ukrainian and Moldovan Parliaments. “Such visits and formats are of utmost importance bringing certain outcomes. The visits and meetings facilitate to enhancement of our relations and inter-parliamentary cooperation. We try to achieve certain progress at every visit and try to express certain initiatives. The meeting with the Speakers of the Ukrainian and Moldovan Parliaments is a good example. We discussed trilateral friendship and relations, raised certain initiatives and resulted in set-up of this very important Assembly”.

He thanked the Delegations for productive activity.

MPs discussed the draft resolution on Endorsement of the State Budget 2020, introduced by the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, Irakli Kovzanadze, stating that the draft envisages endorsement of the budget with 53 ml 696 thousand GEL, including 18 ml 428 k. for legislative, representative and oversight activity; 7 ml 238 k. for the Factions and the Single Mandate MP Bureaus; and 28 ml. 30 k. for legislative and administrative activity.

He also introduced the draft resolutions on Endorsement of the Budget of the Central Election Commission for 2020; and Endorsement of the Budget of the State Audit Service for 2020.

The Chair of the Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee, Beka Odisharia introduced the report on the Committee activity for spring and autumn sessions in 2018.

The Chair of the Healthcare Committee, Akaki Zoidze, the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sophio Katsarava and the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, Irakli Kovzanadze introduced the similar reports.

Our foreign policy is consistent and the Committee maximally contributes in our main foreign course, which I am grateful of our colleagues for”, - S. Katsarava noted.

Similar report for the Sector Economy Committee was introduced by the Chair, Roman Kakulia.


  • The Plenary Session of the Parliament, June 12, 2019
  • The Plenary Session of the Parliament, June 12, 2019
  • The Plenary Session of the Parliament, June 12, 2019
  • The Plenary Session of the Parliament, June 12, 2019
  • The Plenary Session of the Parliament, June 12, 2019
  • The Plenary Session of the Parliament, June 12, 2019