The Plenary Session of the Parliament

14 Dec 2017
The Plenary Session of the Parliament

MPs adopted with the I reading the draft Constitutional Changes with 115 votes.

MPs resumed to agenda issues. The Deputy Justice Minister, Mikheil Sarjveladze introduced the draft on Civil Acts with the III reading.

The Chair of the Legal Issues Committee, Eka Beselia introduced with the II reading the draft on Broadcasting and outlined two Articles reformulated after consultations – new editions of the Articles 16 and 33.

The Chair of the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, Roman Kakulia estimated the draft and noted that despite long consultations, the Committee gave the negative estimation. “Fundamental consultations were held on some issues, including on procurement part. The agreement was achieved but there are two issues that were not communicated and thus, the Committee did not support them”.

He spoke about the advertisement and startups and elucidated the approaches unacceptable for the Committee.

Gia Zhorzholiani introduced with the II reading the draft organic law on Political Unions of Citizens.

MPs considered with the II reading the draft on Municipal Code introduced by the Chair of the Regional Policy and Self - Government Committee, Grigol Liluashvili.

Significant changes have been introduced to the draft after the I reading: in the event of nominating 9 and over members to the Factions, the Chairs of the Factions of the Municipal Assembly may have one more Deputy. The changes envisage maximum two Deputies instead of 4. Thus, it creates 129 positions.

The Deputy Finance Minister, Lasha Khutsishvili introduced the agreements for ratification: the Loan Agreement between Reconstruction Credit Bank and Ministry of Finance of Georgia and the draft Resolution on Credit Agreement between France Development Agency and Georgia, as well as with the I reading drafts on: Bookkeeping, Accounting and Audit; Tax Code; Oil and Gas; Code of Administrative Offenses.

The Deputy Education Minister, Teimuraz Murgulia introduced the draft on Education Quality Development and deriving the draft on Higher Education. The members of the authorization councils of schools, vocational schools and Universities may be public servants. They shall be appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister.

MPs considered with the II reading the draft on Mandatory Insurance of Civil Responsibility of the Owner of the Vehicle registered in Foreign State moving on the territory of Georgia, introduced by the Head of LEPL State Insurance Supervisory Service, Constantine Sulamanidze.

The Deputy Culture Minister, Giorgi Bakradze introduced with the III reading the draft on State Awards, with the II reading the draft on Elimination of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence and Protection and Aid for the Victim and the draft on Civil Code.

The Chair of the Education, Science and Culture Committee, Mariam Jashi spoke about facilitation to media literacy development. “Media literacy is the step forward in modern informational-technological milieu we make in terms of EU directive and recommendation implementation. It will facilitate our society in terms of information analysis and reliability”, - she noted.

The draft on Broadcasting and deriving drafts were introduced by the Char of the Procedural Issues and Rules Committee, Giorgi Kakhiani, he spoke about the draft on Social Protection Guarantees of Members of the Constitutional Court.

The draft was entailed with the new Bill on Salaries and by public reform.

The changes regulate monthly salaries of the CC members. The Chair of the Healthcare and Social Issues Committee, Akaki Zoidze introduced with the I reading the draft on Health Care concerning use of unidentified cadaveric material for scientific purpose. He spoke about the world practice.

The Chair of the EU Integration Committee, Tamar Khulordava introduced the Committee activity report. She spoke about main directions and legislative activity of the Committee, oversight functions, Parliamentary diplomacy and relations with international organizations and NGOs. Within the accounting period the Committee held 29 hearings. “The accounting period covered important developments. In 2017, the visa free regime was enacted with EU and Georgia accessed to Energy Union of Europe. In oversight terms, we adhere to EUAA agenda. We closely cooperate with the Sector Committee and study the activities of the executive authority”.

She spoke about relations with international organizations and civil society.

After expiration of agenda, MPs voted for the drafts.

The next plenary will be held tomorrow after the Bureau at 12h00.