Autumn Session Open in Parliament

01 Sep 2020
Autumn Session Open in Parliament

Today, the Parliament opened the autumn session 2020 with the State Anthem.

Following the enactment of the Plenary Agenda, the floor was given to individual MPs.

Irakli Mezurnishvili: "We often hear from Saakashvili's Movement that Georgia is corrupt, but a few days ago a very important study by the World Bank was published, where Georgia occupies a leading position among countries free from corruption and is in the top ten. The decision of the world credit rating agencies is very important for us to maintain the historical maximum that our country has recently achieved. This is also an indicator that the country is developing properly, the right steps are being taken in this very difficult period, during which even successful and developed countries have lost their ratings”.

Nino Tsilosani: “Human-centered policy was and will be our priority. Democracy, human rights, health care, assistance to the agro and economic sectors, rural and urban development are our political vision, which is opposed by the united opposition, one of the infamous leaders of which apologized 8 years after and only in the run-up to the elections. It is the implementation of important programs that our political team will continue to focus on in the future. We have been delegated by the population to run the country and I have high hopes that the same choice will be made in the 2020 elections”.

Sopho Kiladze: "We saw a video-clip of Mr. Saakashvili, where he said an apology for serious mistakes and also announced his arrival in Georgia. One thing is for sure, if you bring down the worst crimes to the level of error, it will lead to more negative reactions from people, and rightly so. Watching this clip, I thought that just as a raven does not turn white, so the creators of a violent and criminal regime, high or low, cannot be corrected and cannot serve the country. It is very unfortunate that we have such a part of the opposition that will never be able to provide a dignified opposition to the government”.

Davit Matikashvili: "Yes, Mikheil Saakashvili must definitely return to Georgia. He must answer to the Georgian people with the full force of the law. Probably all the questions have already been answered. You yourself have seen very well the position of your own leader and the apologies to your own people. This is a direct confession of the former guilty president. These crocodile tears and lies will not bring him to Georgia. He can no longer deceive the Georgian people. Would you rather take his example, dear colleagues, and apologize for the crimes that were committed during your time in power? It will not relieve you of responsibility in any case, but there is morality and we must respect that as well".

Genadi Margvelashvili: "I do not think that the crocodile tears that are now being shed by our opponents are sincere as they simply do not list the mistakes they have made. These mistakes, I would say, are more of a crime. We are now facing even the lack of preschool education infrastructure because hundreds of kindergartens, their infrastructure, and territories were alienated and destroyed during the period for which our country is currently paying."

Irakli Sesiashvili: "With no malevolence, I would like to call on the opponents that there are national interests in the country, where despite our different political views, everyone is asked to adhere to this standard. This is the depoliticization of our defense and security sector, this is the EU and NATO integration process. Therefore, I urge you, and your political media, to stop attacking the defense and security sector, for your own political interests, and at least to uphold the standard that serves our country, the lives and security of each of our citizens”.

Simon Nozadze: “Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, work on important projects, including infrastructure projects, continues in Khashuri Municipality. On August 22, a 13-kilometer section of the Khashuri bypass road was opened. This is a unique engineering project and one of its components is the bridge standing on the highest piers in Georgia. More than 1000 locals are employed on the Khashuri-Khevi road section. Trade places will be set up near the road, where the population will be able to sell their products."

Dimitri Khundadze: "Elections should be held in a democratic and free environment and it will be so, but it is also important to hold it epidemiologically safe, so as not to create additional problems after the elections. During this period we will have to go through a rather narrow path. There are elections in the country every year and some help will be before the elections and some - after. There is no pre-election or post-election commitment to assist. This is help for the target groups who need it, regardless of their party affiliation. I would like to ask everyone to stop the speculation on social issues, it is immoral and stop producing this immorality. I appeal to the oppositional groups that are able to do this and which used these social groups before 2012".

Guram Macharashvili: "Under the current legislation, we would ensure that the pre-election campaign and Election Day would be an example for any democratic country, but here, too, we want to reduce speculation from the opposition to a minimum level and come up with a legislative initiative against pressure or intimidation to the voters. These changes were hailed by our international partners, the US and EU Ambassadors. We can say that these changes will be much more effective than the existing legislation, but the opposition could not be an exception here”.

Mirian Tsiklauri: “I would like to touch upon the current developments in the healthcare system. The incompetent and, in many cases, biased decisions of the Ministry harm the staff, patients and the healthcare system as a whole. A completely innocent doctor is in custody today, which was followed by a protest of the medical staff. I fully join their demands and express my solidarity with my innocent oppressed colleague. I categorically demand that the Minister fulfill her legal obligation, appear at the meeting of the Committee and answer the questions of the deputies and the interested public”.

Alexander Erkvania: "Unfortunately, the facts of violence and aggression are growing every day in the country. We became enemies to each other. Parents kill children, children kill parents and this is the result of the ongoing struggle against the church. There is injustice, hypocrisy, immorality, envy, betrayal, hopelessness, enmity and hatred all around. Such an environment promotes hatred and aggression in the society. The biggest violence is legalized abortion in the country. The bloodshed of those hundreds of thousands of innocent children is one of the main causes of aggression in the country”.

Bidzina Gegidze: "Elections are approaching and we see expensive videos, banners, events, meetings, presentations full of positive content. This is offered by the representatives of two devalued political forces, who have been in power for 16 years, leaving the country in poverty, frustration and nihilism. Paradoxically, I have always said that without a positive process, positive results cannot be achieved. Both of you, your processes yielded only negative and with suddenly changed rhetoric, vocabulary, expensive videos and the desire to move to the positive before the elections, you will fail to make the Georgian people accept this."

Zviad Dzidziguri: "We have several proposals for the draft budget, which the Government is to submit in September. The topic of drug addiction in Georgia is catastrophically alarming, especially among teenagers, and I think the Government should respond to this. Strict regulations alone will not solve this problem. We need to offer our population an alternative - sport instead of drugs. We came up with a proposal to take this direction into account in the new draft budget. The second issue concerns the decent conditions for veterans. We offer to increase 22 GEL to 100 GEL. The third issue also concerns veterans and their tax-free minimum. We offer a tax-free minimum of 14,400 GEL instead of 3,000 GEL. The state must seek the funds to keep the veterans in a decent condition”.

Giorgi Lomia: "I would like to touch upon the Dark PR campaign that has been carried out around the "Alliance of Patriots" for the last few weeks. We need to understand that there is accusation and exposure. For example, when we expose the National Movement that they killed, and tortured - this is an exposure. Allegations as if we are taking orders from the Kremlin and carrying out these tasks is the accusation. We need to understand the difference between them correctly. It is very unfortunate that one of the leaders of the Georgian Dream Irakli Kobakhidze was also involved in this and who writes that we and the National Movement are the dark side of one and the same medal. Please explain to your leader to think twice while making the decisions. As for the banners in Adjara, we made a statement that the color of Adjara should have been different. That was a mistake".

Irma Nadirashvili: "15 and maybe more of my colleagues from Georgian Dream came out with a statement and talked about everything, but none of you mentioned the Alliance of Patriots and the problems related to them. If you think it is beneficial to be in an ostrich pose, this is not really the case, but it is understandable why you behave like this. You cannot cut your own tail. These people are brought to the Parliament by you, you are entirely responsible for the fact that there is a group in Georgian politics that directly pursues the interests of the Kremlin. We propose to apply to the Constitutional Court with signatures and demand for the removal of the Alliance of Patriots from the elections”.

Sergo Ratiani: “I have been going to Chiatura, Kharagauli and Sachkhere for a month, I meet the population mainly in the villages and I consider myself obliged to talk about the problems. Koba Chapidze, a 41-year-old miner, died during mining in Chiatura and I would like to express my condolences to his family. For years, labor safety has been an unresolved problem and not only there. The worst situation is in Chiatura and Kharagauli. There are villages where there is no water, no road, and no gas. These problems have not been solved for years”.

Giorgi Kandelaki: “According to Eurocontrol, Georgia has the fewest flights among 42 European countries. Today we have a situation where we are facing a de facto, informal ban imposed by the Government on the return of our citizens to their homeland. This is served by the two-week discriminatory quarantine, when even people coming from safe countries have to be "stuck" in the two-week quarantine. One of the reasons for this is that tens of thousands of emigrants do not return to Georgia. Quarantine like ours is nowhere to be found. Not everywhere, but allow flights to the safe countries you have declared. At the same time, why do not you include Greece in the list of safe countries, which has 5 times better statistics than France?!”

Zurab Chiaberashvili: “I was aware of the problems in Kakheti, but I am amazed by the abandonment that is felt in Kakheti. There is unemployment, rising prices, poverty, and that is why we, European Georgia, do not engage in the campaign of disgust that the Georgian Dream and the political assets employed in its various municipalities perform. On the contrary, we tell citizens what we need to do to overcome the rising prices, poverty and unemployment. In these four districts alone, in Telavi, Akhmeta, Kvareli and Lagodekhi, with the right economic policy, we can create more than 3,300 jobs, lift more than 8,700 families out of poverty, and alleviate the problem of medicine for more than 60,000 people”.

Eka Beselia: "2 months are left before the most important elections and this date is probably one of the most crucial and decisive for the country and its future after 2012. I listened to the speeches of the majority members. Understandably, this is a pre-election period and you want to be as persuasive as possible and present your role from even the most romantic position, but does not it seem so far-fetched to reality? You have given the Government everything, by violating the Constitution, against the backdrop of the promises that all the budgetary aid was going to the people, it turned out that there are evictions again, bank debts, and so on”.

Tina Bokuchava: "You were very sorry for Mikheil Saakashvili’s apology. You, Putin's pawns, mention Saakashvili in every second speech. After 8 years, you are still in the same position."

Roman Gotsiridze: "The changes that you have presented in the Election Code are an eye-popping trick and no one is going to be hooked. Please review and accept the alternative law registered by us today. This law is not fabricated by us. This is based on OSCE/ODIHR recommendations. The law provides for the free expression of the will of the voter, provides for the punishment of people who influence the voter at the polling station, provides for the principle of fair distribution in the election commission, and provides for the punishment of the illegal disclosure of voting results, etc. We believe that the Election Code is one of the guarantees of free elections and we will protect this bill”.

Gedevan Popkhadze: “As a result of these elections, Georgia should get a people's government. A government that will be not a marionette-like, nor an anti-national or anti-Orthodox but, that of people. The Georgian people deserve it, and if we are going to protect someone's private interests in this case, whether it is Saakashvili, or Ivanishvili, our citizens will not get a people's government."

Beka Natsvlishvili: "You are happy that Saakashvili has appeared on the arena again, because all your energy, all your intellectual potential has been concentrated on him again. Today, in recent history, Saakashvili is a morally, intellectually bankrupt politician, he is already a comic figure, stop creating a bugbear from Saakashvili and oppose us".

Levan Gogichaishvili: “Where were you when this country was in trouble and your peers were killed in the streets?! You are part of one system that seems to complement each other. Aren't you ashamed when you talk about Saakashvili and support Murusidze?! We will do our best to unite the voters around us, so that the Georgian Dream and the National Movement can move together to the political past".

Levan Koberidze: "Elections have already been officially scheduled and a new stage is beginning in the political life of our country, which gives us even more responsibility and duty towards the voters. The most important task now should be to make as many choices as possible for the population. The most important task is to convey our message to the population and not to divide this country into a bipolar conflict".

Tamar Chugoshvili: “This week you will toughen the penalties for election violations, but unfortunately, the laws are not being implemented in our country. We also have various problems with corruption in general. I hope you will agree that we, as a country, will not allow ourselves to be corrupted. Corruption turns out to be a factor that undermines effective, good governance in our country. Georgia really does not have it and we, as a country, should not allow the threats of corruption and the corrupt environment to deepen, worsen and undermine everything. Therefore, I ask you to get acquainted with the initiative, which is presented in the Parliament. This is an important initiative of 30 bills that will ensure the creation of an effective tool and mechanism, and instead of the existing mechanisms, facilitate the development of institutions that will actually be aimed at preventing corruption, eradicating corruption and punishing corruption crimes”.

Anri Okhanashvili: "We have repeatedly stated that we do not discuss any cooperation with the Alliance of Patriots. This is a red line for us. We have always been consistent. Georgian Dream does not need an interest-bearing group that does not properly protect the interests of our country. I hail the launch of a state audit inquiry into funding. Besides, their visit to occupied Abkhazia needs to be clarified. These questions need to be answered. I had expected that Mr. Giorgi Lomia would explain to the MPs how they found themselves in a particular place and for what purpose".

Rati Ionatamishvili: Mikheil Saakashvili would have the right to apologize hypocritically only when a person convicted in three instances had been sentenced, released from prison and then apologized to the whole society and the families who were unhappy during his tenure. Therefore, he is not sincere. Any person who tries to support him, will automatically be a supporter and accomplice of his past crimes, because in the future we will not allow him to commit crimes again. We can give him a chance to be corrected only when he finally finds himself in a Georgian prison."

Following the political statements, the Parliament resumed its legislative work.

MPs considered with the III reading the Bill on the Law on the rules and procedures for Georgian citizens exiting and entering Georgia, which regulates issues related to the grounds for restricting the right to temporarily leave Georgia.

Irakli Sesiashvili introduced the bill on Information Security, which categorizes the subjects of critical information systems. The draft law also provides for the definition of the powers of the operational-technical agency in the process of implementing information security and ensuring cyber security. In addition, the document introduces appropriate administrative sanctions for violating the requirements of information security legislation.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Ekaterine Dgebuadze introduced the bill on Military Duty and Military Service with the I reading. The draft law provides for two new grounds for deferral of conscription. In particular, a conscript will be deferred for military service if: he is a professional student registered in the Vocational EMIS - before the completion of the relevant vocational education program / short cycle education program (single-time deferral); he is an applicant for a vocational education program / short cycle education program prior to enrollment in an educational institution.

The Plenary Session will be resumed tomorrow, at 12h00.