The Parliament endorsed the draft Rules of Procedure with the III reading

06 Dec 2018
The Parliament endorsed the draft Rules of Procedure with the III reading

MPs, at the extraordinary session discussed with the III reading and voted for the draft Rules of Procedure, introduced by the First Vice Speaker, Tamar Chuoghsvili.

The draft reflects the remarks expressed upon the I and II readings. Mostly, the changes concern enhancement of the oversight function of the Parliament, improvement of the legislative process, changes related to the structure and accountability of the Parliament.

The draft enhances the oversight, legislative and representative functions. The Parliamentary activity is based on openness and transparency, public involvement, accountability, labor distribution, proportionality and justice principles and provides the general provisions on the Rules of Procedure, as well as the norms regulating authorities of MPs, Speaker and Vice Speakers.

The draft envisages the norms regulating the activity of the Bureau, Committees, Factions, Fact Finding and other Commissions and regulates the issues related to the sessions and other sittings. The draft also envisages the procedures related to participation of the Parliament in formation of the state budget etc. and provides the norms related to the Parliamentary oversight function and accountability.

The Vice Speaker, Zviad Dzidziguri expressed condolences on behalf of the Parliament to the families and friends of the deceased former MP, Nikoloz Rurua. “Let me inform you about decease of the Member of the VI and VII Term Parliament, Nikoloz Rurua. On behalf of the Parliament, I would like to express condolences to his family and friends”.

MPs resumed with the agenda and discussed and approved the Bill on Early and Pre-School Education introduced by the Chair of the Legal Issues Committee, Eka Beselia for simplified consideration.

The Bill envisages the municipalities, to within April 1, 2019-December 31, 2020 ensure gradual authorization of respective institutions. “We discuss the project in simplified manner as it concerns extension of the term solely. The Bill envisages that the law has already ensured implementation of the complex reform. Successful authorization and maintenance of the kindergartens open and they compatibility with high standards, require extended term. The current law envisages the term to expire in the end of the year, the Bill extends the term to December 31, 2020”, - she noted.

MPs approved the Bill on Civil Security and 37 accompanying drafts introduced by the Deputy Interior Minister, Natia Mezvrishvili with the I reading.

The Bill changes the status of the Emergency Management Service and currently under the Prime Minister, the EMA shall be formed as the MIA sub-unit accountable to the PM and Interior Minister. “Experience revealed that EMA mostly uses the MIA resources – equipment and infrastructure. Effective activity of EMA requires re-subordination of the service to MIA”, - the reporter stated.

MPs approved the Bill by N. Mezvrishvili on International Protection with the III reading.

The Deputy Agrarian Minister, Nino Tandilashvili introduced the Bill on Status of Protected Areas with the I reading. MPs approved the Bill with 81 votes.

The Bill envisages enlargement of Kazbegi National Park. “Currently, the boundaries of the Park constitute 8685 hectares and the changes enlarge them with 69518 hectares to constitute 78404 hectares. This area does not include either the privately owned territories or settlements and villages but mostly the village adjacent territories. The Kazbegi Park is one of the important areas dignified with attraction of the tourists. The initiative will facilitate to development of the region. Development of the protected areas is one of the preconditions for making the regions more attractive for tourists”, - she noted.

The change concerns formation of Kintrishi National Park and Kintrishi State Reserved Area as a result of re-classification of Kintrishi Protected Landscape and Kintrishi State Reserved Area, reflection of the coordinates of Algeti National Park, Kintrishi Protected Areas (Kintrishi State Reserved Area and National Park), Chachuni Wildlife Sanctuary, Korugi Sanctuary, Ktsia-Tabatskuri Sanctuary and Tetrobi Sanctuary to the law.

The Deputy Environmental Minister also introduced the Bill on Creation and Management of Tusheti, Batsara-Babanauri, Lagodekhi and Vashlovani Protected Areas, envisaging reflection of exact coordinates of Batsara State Reserved Area, Babaneuri State Reserved Area, Ilto Sanctuary, Lagodekhi Protected Area, Vashlovani State Reserved Area, Vashlovani National Park, Alazani Valley Natural Monument, Takhti-Tefa Natural Monument and Artsivi (Eagle) Gorge as a result of demarking.