Activities of the Research Center

LEPL Georgian Parliamentary Research Center (GPRC) presents an integral organization of the Parliament of Georgia, which aims to support the exercise of legislative and oversight functions by providing evidence-based research documents.


There are five research and analytical directions at the Center: social issues, economic matters, foreign relations, defence and security, and law.


Within its power, granted by the legislation, the Center prepares answers to the questions of the members of the parliament, committees, parliamentary factions, parliamentary majority, parliamentary opposition, temporary investigative or other temporary commissions, inter-faction groups, and permanent councils of the parliament and state commissions. Additionally, the Center prepares proactive analysis declared by the annual action plan.


While fulfilling its obligations, the Georgian Parliamentary Research Center utilises the resources provided by the European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation (ECPRD), Eastern Partnership Parliaments’ Research Network (EPPRN), also globally acknowledged scientific and research resources. Herewith, the Georgian Parliamentary Research Center is presented to the UK’s Parliamentary POST Global Map – IPEN.